#313 Entrepreneurship & Business – S2 E2 – Sell what people need!

Might sound easy, but is actually not that easy after all.

You might have this particular idea in mind, this product, this service, this book, or whatever it is. But is this really what people need? Is this really what you should focus your attention on? Or should you rather go with something else? The other idea you have, the other project?

If you are asking the people who should know what to do, the answer will be very clear.

Sell what people need!

There is no need to try to implement new needs in the heads of your customers, there is no need to invent new markets or turn market upside down. Sure, you can do that if you really want to, but why don’t we start a bit simpler? People already have so many needs! They already know exactly what their problems are.

You are not here to tell them about new problems, but instead to deliver solutions.

You look at this world with a pair of wide open eyes and search for the needs you can find. You may ending up making a list. Writing down every single business idea that comes to mind. From technology, to privat life, to living, or education and so on. The world is full of annoying, boring, poorly managed and not well organized things.

You may just pick on of these problems and figure out a solution that is actually helping your customers to move on.

And that is everything you need to do? That is it? Sounds really easy! Well, I am not so sure about this. The difference between having success or failing misserably somewhere down the road might just be one single thing you did not focused enough attention on. It might just be something so general, that there is absolutely no connection to your idea after all. It may be the way how to manage money, or a couple of poor decisions, a wrong hire, a mistake in ordering some expensive tools or products. The list is long, but that shouldn’t trouble you too much right now.

If you do not deliver something that your customers really need, why should they be your customers after all? Why should they buy your product in the first place? But even more importantly, why should they tell other people about your product? Why should they buy something at your company again?

But sometimes, it is not enough to simply please a customers need, right? Sometimes it seems like there must be something else. If someone wants to get from point A to point B, why should they buy a Porsche for it, if a VW Golf can do the very same thing and even costs less?

Sure, we could argue about the fact, if there is really a need in this world to have an expensive car. But looking at this with today’s topic in mind, it looks like there is actually a need for this! People actually want to show others that they can afford such a car, that they can roll around in bloody expensive vehicles and feel great while doing so.

Is Porsche selling more than just a car? Is Porsche also selling a dream, a status, a myth, the prestige, a part of history, a membership to an extraordinary club, the invitation into a secret society? The answer is of course yes! The moment you drive a Porsche, you make a statement!

But it’s not that the product is actively doing this! The car may just drive and look good, but it is the process in our heads that is changing the game.

It’s the thought process in our minds, that is transferring this machine into something more than this.

This, may just be a car! And for some people out there it may in fact not even be just a car! It may also be a very unpractical and expensive car. Something nobody needs! A product that actually creates more problems in the end than it is solving. But still, Porsche seems to sell a lot of cars.

So what is the trick?

The trick may just be, not to focus on pleasing each and every potential customer out there, but instead to focus on a particular group of potential customers.

But this is the topic for our next episode.

See you next time!

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