#314 Lets start the application nightmare

Four days ago, I finally started my application process for the master thesis I want to write at a company starting from October. Well, that the current corona situation isn’t the best thing for our economy might be clear to all of us already, but how hard does it really is?

Having already received my first rejection, even though I basically offered them to work for free makes me think even more about the situation. Sure, this company is working in a very niche market which has come to a kind of a standstill these days (Motorsport) and doesn’t have a lot of employees anyways. Therefor, I don’t even know if they are interested in having students writing their master thesis there anyways, but sure, maybe I was just not experienced enough in this special field as well! 🙈 haha

Checking out the websites of all the German OEM’s and automobile suppliers, the message looks pretty much the same.

Due to the current corona situation the recruitment process has either stopped completely or they ask for more patience with the current process.

Who needs new employees these days? Especially students from universities that are just focusing on their master thesis and are not really benefiting the workforce in the way, a normal employe would do.

Companies might just focus on their current employees, trying their best to keep their people. And sure, that is exactly what companies should do! They shouldn’t hire new people and increase their running costs, but instead try everything they can in order to keep everyone on board.

But that is of course not really helping me in my current situation.

So what should I do? Change my strategy? Focus more on the big players? The small players? Companies from different branches?

I guess the diversification will be the key. There is simply put no other option. I can hardly tell from the outside, how good or bad the inside of a company currently looks like, right? Some companies might actually have a lot of problems, others don’t.

In fact, I was even finding one company out there that actually made a statement on their website, that even though the corona situation is happening, they are still looking for new employees.

Therefore, it might actually be very hard to tell how high or low the chances really are. I guess, I will just apply everywhere and see what’s going to happen, right?

I can always try my best and see where this is leading me to. In the end, I want to look back at this situation in my life and want to be able to say, that at least I have tried everything I could!

And to be honest with you, sure, I can also just write the master thesis at university. So, there is no real pressure from that side of life, I am just one of these students who urgently wants to write their master thesis at a cool company where they can work on real life projects.

In conclusion, I am in this kind of situation because of what I want, now I simply need to deal with the consequences.

I am responsible for this situation, therefore I will give everything I can in order to find the perfect project.

I will keep you updated!

See you next time!

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