#315 20 minutes writing challenge #29 – Expectation

Hozier – Movement

Where do you see yourself in one, two, five or ten years? How does your life will look like? What will be your job? Where will you living? What will you do all day long?

In life, people should always have a general idea about where they want to go. They should have a clear vision in front of their inner eye. A dream to follow. A roadmap that leads them the way.

Will your situation improve? Will you flourish? Or will you take a step back?

The future might be uncertain. It may keep you in the darkness for a while. But it is always like that, right? You never know how your future looks like! Therefore, do something until it is too late for a change.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Expectations, a weird and fascinating thing at the same time. Even though we know very little in general, we think that certain things need to be done in a certain way. Can you remember the IKEA customer experience I was talking about last week? This was the perfect example! I had this idea, this vision, this dream about how it is supposed to be, but well, in the end, how should I have guessed it? Past experiences? Similar situations?

Where is the limit when talking about expectations? Is there a limit?

Someone may just expect something. The breakfast included into the hotel room costs, a friendly cashier, food in the supermarket. But the tricky thing? Each and everyone of us might have reasons to expect differently. Are you used to driving a fast car, a luxurious car, your expectation will differ from the one of an inexperienced driver.

There is no right or wrong in life. The same goes for expectations. People expect a certain standard in life. And well, we better meet their requirements!

Expectations can destroy the experience all together.

Do you expect too much? Do you expect too little? Where is the fine line on which your expectations should be positioned? Always tricky, always difficult.

Lower your expectations? Or increase them? A difficult thing to answer as well … In the end, it is not that important, isn’t it? Well, difficult, indeed! I guess my expectations are even so high, that I expect others to have high expectations as well.

See you next time!

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