#316 Lets drive – Porsche 911 991.1 turbo S – normal mode

What a weekend! I repeat, what a fucking fantastic weekend. Yes, you are hearing it right! I was driving a Porsche again! šŸ„³

You walk up to the car, open the door, get into your driver seat, turn the ignition key with your left hand and enjoy!


You put it into revers, exit the garage backwards and roll slowly out onto the street. It is early in the morning, the birds are singing, the flat six boxer engine as well.

You select drive, 1Ā° degree throttle pedal angle, the car starts to move. First gear, second gear, 30 km/h. Elegantly, but firm, effortlessly, but classic, the car cruises down the street like a + 200.000ā‚¬ car would do, uhm, actually it drives just like a normal car.

560 horsepower? 750 Nm of torque? You do not feel that when rolling through town. In fact, it feels so normal to drive, everyone could drive it in that mode. Sure, the brake pedal might be a little bit too aggressive at first touch, but after three times braking, the highly sensitive carbon ceramic brakes are perfectly under your command.

The street gets wider, the houses rarer, the town sign is in sight. Leaning back in these super comfortable sport seats, the last street lamps are rushing by. Three, two, one, 8Ā° degree throttle pedal position, one, two, three, four, 100 km/h.

“Effortlessly” doesn’t even describes it well enough, how this car is moving forward. Like a sharp samurai sword, it cuts its way trough the air. It’s like a hot knife that rushes through butter. If you don’t want to end up in prison, you better lift the accelorator pedal again. 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th gear. The car is just rolling down the street. An engine sound? You don’t hear one.

Curves? There are no curves.

Wherever the 911 turbo goes, it bends all curves into a smilingly endless straight. Sticking to the German speed limit on the country side of course, a corner seems to do not impress the car too much. In fact, the cornering capability is so exceptionally good, someone could think that the tires have found some rails on the road and are following them now, like a train would.

The next village is in sight, you lift off the accelerator pedal and just let it roll. And it rolls! God, it rolls! The sailing function is just saving the day! Cruising around like this, someone might think that the car gets thirsty. Well, in fact, this is not the case. 9,2 liter for 100 km when being careful? Not that much, really! I am impressed! Good job Porsche!

A blue sign next to the road, the Autobahn is close. Or as the Porsche 911 turbo S would call it, home! Indeed, this is what this car is made for. 60 km/h out of the corner, accelerating to 100 km/h and looking for the gap in order to change into the right Autobahn lane.

The mirrors, exceptionally good. Even the inside mirror is somehow usable. Or maybe I was just expecting something else from my past experience in the Panamera 970.

You look into the left mirror and hold your breath in awe, as you can spot the wide ranging arches which cover the massive rear wheels of the car. Watching the airflow as it gets sucked into the wide open air intakes you can see on both sides in your mirrors, you tend to forget about the real purpose of checking your mirrors and finally look for the traffic behind.

There is no car in sight, you change the lane, kick the accelerator pedal down and find yourself getting kind of magnetically attracted to the left lane, which the car from Zuffenhausen must have inherited the right to be on.

What comes next? This is just magic. The way this car goes, unbelievable! And it goes and goes! 130 km/h, 160 km/h, 190 km/h, 220 km/h, 250 km/h, 280 km/h. Just like that! As the cars are getting smaller in the mirrors behind, the focus lays on the street ahead.

Unrestricted Autobahn, you feel lucky being in Germany.

Like a fighter jet, this car cuts through the air. Effortlessly, but to 100 % in control. Simple but ultra quick! The sound? It’s in fact ok! A bit of wind, a bit of engine when you accelerate. But never too much, never too aggressive.

The perfect understatement.

It comes what needs to come, a sign already tells. A construction site on the horizon. You lift off the gas and let it roll. But it rolls! It really does that! And the speed limit is getting closer and closer. God it hurts! That pain when transforming the kinetic energy into heat. What a waste of energy, what a shame.

The brakes, we better do not talk about them! Are they good? No! Are they great? No! Are they exceptional! Hell yes they are! These brakes? Unbelievable good! Do they squeak when being cold, like they are supposed to do? Yes they do! But really really quietly. In fact so quietly, you can’t complain.

As the brakes are getting hotter, the 911 gets slower. 80 km/h, 7th gear, cruising downhill. Saving fuel, the new motto. Does it feel wide in a narrow lane? Does it make you feeling anxious about touching the beton barriers left and right? Not at all. Sure, it is wide, but it doesn’t feel too wide. The overview is good and you feel so connected to the car anyways, there is no need to panic.

In fact, this car lets you forget about the world around you. Problems, pressure, stress? Not in this car.

Corona? Never heard about that one!

You are the king of the road! Nobody even dares to offend you. Do they look? Yes they do! But not in that perverted way you get, while driving around in a brand new BMW i8 once it was new. People look, but not in a negative or even offended way. They look and seem to enjoy! The grandfather sitting on his bench, the little boy on his bike. A Porsche. Everyone recognizes the shape. The silhouette.

You wake up from your daydream, look at the street ahead, the end of the construction side is near. Accelerating already? No! Why? There is no need to take a run-up. The moment you pass the sign, kick down and the numbers seems to run through the roof again, 100 km/h, 200 km/h. Just like that!

Does the acceleration gets boring? Does it loose its magic? Not after a weekend, that’s for sure! But if you have this every day, sure, it might be exceptionally fast, but people are getting used to everything after a while.

As the traffic flies by, you stop accelerating for a moment and just enjoy. Are you in control? 100 % of the time! Does it feel like a hard thing to do? Not at all. It just goes and goes and goes.

To be continued …
… want to go back on the road now …
… I hope you can understand!

See you next time!

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