#320 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S2 E8 – The life question

Where do you want to go in life? Which mountain is high enough? Which valley too low? When it comes to the question about life, the opinions can widely spread. From a spiritual living underneath an at least 100 years old tree, to the highest of penthouse apartments at the upper east side. From making a ton of money, to finding your purpose in life. There must be something for everyone. Founding a company, traveling into every single country on earth, the list might be long.

But was that already the life question? Is this what life is all about? In the end, we simply don’t know!

Driving a Porsche or not? Having a house or not? Having a relationship or not? Having a job or not? Traveling the world or not? Writing a book or not? Helping others or not? Play an instrument or not? Owning an phone or not?

We could do this forever! What might be right? What might be wrong? We can hardly tell…

The life question has nothing to do with life in general, it simply represents the kind of life you decide to have one day.

Who are you today? Haven’t you become exactly that kind of a person you were working on since the day you are born?

Tell me what you do all day long and I tell you who you will become!

This is one of the simplest of laws in life. If you invest any kind of time into something, you might get more experienced with it, but without spending any kind of time on this, what makes you think that you will somehow get there anyways?

How is this supposed to work? Can you explain? People have dreams, they think that they know exactly what they want. But the question is, what are they doing in order to get there?

How many people do you see out there, actively chasing after their dreams?

It might just be so simple, someone just starts and never stops. Nothing is impossible, but if you don’t do something, how is this supposed to end up working in your life? I just don’t see a chance!

People do not really think enough about their life in general. Sure, they had some dreams and visions when they were younger. But during the process, they somehow got lost. Left their path and never returned. They are moving on another track now. Sure, this is in fact totally ok. But simply put, this path might just not lead to where they want to go.

What do you want to do with your life? What are your goals? What is your purpose? What is your mission this time on earth?


Every single day you get another chance to take the next step and get a little bit closer to your goals. Life is just a process. Reaching a certain goal, just a piece of a puzzle called life.

You are holding it in your own hands. Your action, or inaction will rule over your future life. Bear this in mind, the next time you end up laying on the couch for too long.

Come on! That can’t be it! I want you to finally do more! How hard can it be?

See you next time!

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