#321 Entrepreneurship & Business – S2 E3 – The urge for a change

Looking at my current situation in life these days, I end up up being not really satisfied. Sure, everything is working as planned and I am just busy, doing a lot of stuff for university. But still, I wanted to keep on going with my ideas, doing more for the book I write, having my first clients with the coaching program and definitely brainstorm more business ideas.

But sure, in the end, I guess I just need to invest more time with this.

Looking at the world around me, there are so many things that could be made differently. That could be made better. Am I the only one that is noticing them? I hardly doubt that, but what is wrong with the other people then?

Doing my master degree these days, I am kind of changing my thoughts about it constantly. In some lectures, the quality is exceptionally good, in others it is exceptionally low. Doesn’t the professor is the one who is supposed to be better trained in a certain kind of topic than the students? But at least they are trying their best, right?

Two days ago I was sitting in a lecture, it was about entrepreneurship. Or at least, that was the claim! I don’t know if this was really about it or not. I was rather disappointed. Sure, I agreed with a lot of points, but in the end, the topic was just not really presented in the correct way.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t necessarily mean to take risks all the time. It’s not that your financial background is constantly on the line. Sure, you must be prepared to fail hard and often, but you can also start very slowly and see where this is leading you towards.

The way entrepreneurship is getting presented these days, no wonder that so many people here in Germany don’t even think about doing this.

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

Found in the World Wide Web

But I honestly disagree! This is not entrepreneurship, this is hustling through the years until you made enough money, selling your business and end up having the most miserable life you can ever imagine somewhere at the beach. After three weeks you want to be back in your old life, but will instantly notice that your old life is already gone. You will end up looking for something new, for something better, but will most likely do not have the same success than you had before.

If you are a real entrepreneur, you do not just want to do this for the sake of earning money! Your intention is not, just to do this for the next couple of years in order to retire somewhere shortly after that.

You want to do this until the end of your life. You do this, because you love doing this. Having an idea in mind and work on it as long and as hard as necessary in order to transform the idea into reality.

Sure, life would be better with a bit more money, but in the end, you do not do it for the money, right? You do it for yourself! For your ego, your mindset, the way you see yourself. You want to create new things! Proof to yourself that you can reach everything. That you can transform a dream into reality.

That in fact, you are not just a dreamer, you are a realist!

How does it feel to create something out of nothing? To continuously work on new projects, widen up your mindset and work on these constant changes in order to move on in life.

Everyone can be an entrepreneur! You just need to really want to be one! You can always make something better! Disrupt markets or figure something out that is helping you in order to move on.

Are you thirsty for more? New challenges? New tasks? New impressions? New experiences? Life is great, isn’t it?

I want to do even more! Therefore I will not stop! I will just move on. Think about better ideas, newer concepts, more aggressive ways to do stuff. And in the end, I will see where this is leading me towards, right?

Success, or failure? I rather fail now and have more success later on, than the other way around. Life is a game! Are you a player or a spectator?

Get inspired! Dream for a better world! Change your life.


See you next time!

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