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As the miscommunication from university lead to the situation, that my semester start was not postponed after all, I was forced to stop the writing process right in its tracks.

With that said, the book project is currently in a kind of a holding position. Sure, I have time to really think about the different topics and figuring out which parts I am still missing. But generally speaking, I just want to continue with the book project in the next couple of days in order to finally get going.

The plan?

Instead of reading and writing through the night like a maniac, I will just tackle one topic at a time. Improving upon the already written parts, or add some little paragraphs here and there. Sure, it’s not the way I want to work on the project, but better than nothing, right? If I don’t start changing my strategy now, I will end up losing even more time before I can finally continue my project again.

But is the break really a waste of time?

Actually it is not. It gives me the chance to really think about the topics. It helps me to differentiate between what is exceptionally good, necessary and important, or what is just poor written and not important after all.

With my goal in mind, to make this as short and as sharp as possible, I tend to like the kind of perspective I currently have. It doesn’t feel like I have really written this myself, therefore it is way easier for me to criticize, complain, or even delete complete paragraphs.

Short, Sharp, Sexy

With these three words in mind, I will analyze the existing chapters step by step, until finally, I will have the shortest, sharpest and most sexiest kind of book about the topic in the market.

Have you missed writing in the last couple of weeks?

With my daily blog in mind, I of course still write every single day. What makes things even worse, I tend to also write a lot for university. Therefore, it’s not that I do not write something after all, but instead, that I write so much, I want to do something else in between as well.

Is there a time line when the book should be finished?

Actually, there is not. But sure, the question is rather tricky to answer, right? When is a book really finished? Can a book be finished? Or does someone may just stop working on it, publishing it and improve upon the topic later on? Sure, if I had made the decision to write about fiction, I would may ending up with really finishing this in some time, but with my topic in mind, I guess I will work on this until I die.

But to answer the question, the earliest would be somewhere around summer 2021, but this depends highly on the kind of decision I will take regarding the publishing format.

Speaking about this, do you have any ideas how to publish it?

Currently I have a lot of ideas in mind, starting from a classical ebook, to publishing it on my blog, to just posting a link online and make it available to everyone for free. But time will tell which kind of path I want to take.

For sure, I want to test my chapters before going public and therefore already looking for volunteers that will read it and give me some feedback, but I did not make the final decision yet, how this will or can look like in the future.

Do you still have these doubts in your head, even though you are not actively working on it these days?

Actually, this is a really good question. In fact, the moment I think about publishing my own book in whatever kind of a way, I tend to freak out a little bit. My heartbeat increases, my senses get sharper and I start to sweat. Well, I will figure out a way how to deal with that, hopefully! Therefore yes, my mindset is still constantly changing between claiming that this is the best idea in the world and the most dreadful and most stupid idea ever. I guess time will tell which side wins.

You have questions as well? No problem! Just let me know your questions and I will answer them in the next Q & A!

With that said, I guess it’s time to end todays post.

See you next time!

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