#328 Fascination PORSCHE – S1 E1 – First contact


Just looking at that car again gets me goosebumps on my forearm. PORSCHE is something special! That I have dedicated my life to these cars shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Therefore, I guess it was just a matter of time until I would finally start to talk a bit more about them here on my blog as well.

Introducing the new page Fascination PORSCHE.


Me, 25, every time I see a PORSCHE.

But let’s rather start at the beginning. During my youth, cars weren’t that important to me. Ok, maybe even worse than that. They were not important after all. Did I had a car poster hanging on my walls, like all these petrol heads are claimed to had? No! Definitely not!

Growing up in an A typical non car fanatic family in Germany, a car was for sure something very highly valued in society, but in the end just a car. We had two cars. My dad an Audi and my mother later on a Mercedes Benz. But still, I was not particularly interested in cars.

Being fifteen and looking forward to get my A1 license, which is for small 11 kW motorbikes, I have started to gain an interest in motorbikes and racing recently. Sure, I was noticing motorsport on four wheels as well, like the formula 1 for example with our German heroes Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel. But that was always more from the perspective of a spectator.

The desire for going racing? No yet planted in my head.

Only after getting to know my future girlfriend at that time in the age of 16, did my life change once and for all. With her dad having an particular interest in cars, this was definitely the push in the right direction that I needed.

GT silver, hand shifter, 4.8 l V8, PCCB
God I loved that Panamera!

And there it was. My first experience in a Porsche. It was just a passenger ride, 5 minutes maximum. 1 km rolling through town from the cinema to the train station. That was all it take.

The smell of the leather, the interior design, the presence on the road, the engine sound, the reflection of the street lights on the car silhouette. Breathtaking. It was 2012. The world did not end, but a new one opened up for me.

Welcome to the PORSCHE world.
A world in which the speed is getting indicated in 50 km/h steps.

Once it makes klick in your head, you can’t change this anymore. You have become a Porsche guy.

I will never ever forget that moment!

Since that day I am a different person. My priorities have changed. I need a Porsche in my life. And what did I do? I started to save up my money.


In this series I want to talk a bit more about my fascination for Porsche’s. Today, we already tackled the first contact. Lets see where this side project will lead us to.

As always on my blog, if you have any kind of questions, please let me know.

See you next time!

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