#329 Writing – S1 E1 – Introduction

This is a part of #1 Book

Yes, I write a book. Or lets rather say. Yes, I try to write a book again!

Is this my first attempt to write a book? No, of course not! Ignoring some short story attempts back in the days after school. My first real book writing experiment would probably be the one about the Porsche buyers guide I stopped after two weeks being in the project. Well, what can I say. I wasn’t ready for writing a book.

Too young, too inexperienced!

I was writing for around two weeks in which I have written actually quite a lot, at least from my perspective back in the days. But then stopped kind of mid way through. Ok, it was never ever mid way through! It was rather 25 pages into the project, but anyways. I may continue this book somewhere down the road in the future.

My second attempt of writing a book, well, I took it a little bit more serious this time. I was much older, much more experienced and had found this really interesting topic. Sure, I was studying in a dual way at that time and did not had much time.

But you never really have time for anything, right?
You take the time!

After half a year being in the project it just did not felt like the right thing to do after all. It was not the kind of style I was planning on creating. Therefore, I stopped midway and focused on something else instead.


Yes, exactly! I stopped writing this book in order to focus on my new all time favorite hobby. Writing a daily blog. Oh god, did I knew what I was doing 329 days ago, I would have probably thought a little bit longer about actually starting it. But luckily I did not do such a thing!

Instead, I did something very unusual for me and simply jumped into the cold water! Did I had any clue about blogging? Ehm, hell no! Do I have a clue today? Oh, I am not so sure about that! I guess you can tell me! But I get better day by day! I promise!

That’s the important thing in life, right?

I guess so. Therefore, here we go again. My third book writing attempt.

What makes me think that it will be a success story this time around? Well, first of all I have myself well prepared! I have been writing something about the topic for the last 329 days. Every single day! I have even pushed the boundaries of the topic even further, creating the ultimate concept for my book.

And there we have it. That’s the little background story.

I officially started to write this new book on a Saturday, the 07.03.2020 to be precise. But sure, unofficially I may have started the project a long time ago with my second book writing attempt last year.

Looking at my blog a bit closer, sure, it feels like this is also a kind of preparation for the book. Therefore, it doesn’t really feel like I have just started. It rather feels like I have been doing this for a long time already.

CURRENT UPDATE: 24000 words and 86 hours

But today was just me talking nonsense, right? It was neither really about writing, nor did it helped you in order to move on in your own project. Sure, if you have experienced the very same situation you may be able feel better now. But that was it …

This is not what this should be about!

This should be about writing! About the process of writing. About the art of writing. How I feel! What I do! What works and what doesn’t work! Where I improved and how!

All of these things that might interest you in case you want to write a book or a blog on your own as well.

This will be the complete story about writing my first book!

See you next time!

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