#333 20 minutes writing challenge #31 – THREE THREE TREE

Tokyo Drift (Fast&Furious)-From “The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift” Soundtrack

Hitting the #333 on my blog today feels good! Thank god I hit the three three three instead of a tree, like that 25 year old Porsche Cayman driver did two days ago.

Maybe he was listing to that song? Oh, hopefully not. I guess he was just loosing it in the rain. Well, that happens sometimes. He will learn from it and come out a more experienced driver.

But this song is of course from the fast and the furious movies! You know them? I hope so! At least the early ones? You should watch them! But it seems like you will most likely only know the newer ones, right? The action movies where cars are just a side topic.

But anyways. The way they drive, for sure, nothing for the public roads. But everyone knows that it’s most likely computer animated and faked anyways. Stunt drivers performing on closed roads in a safe environment.

If ego-shooters are motivating people to violence, those movies push you into street racing?

No of course not, but sure, for some people this might sound exciting. They may want to experience something like this as well. Cruising around in a tuned car, forgetting all about their problems in life. Street racing? Not cool after all! But well, who knows what people are doing out there!

It’s just a movie, right! It’s not real, is it? But anyways. The moment I hear that song, I feel pumped. I feel energetic, my body starts to follow the beat. I start my racing simulator and go drifting on the Nordschleife!

I can’t help it. I just need to do it! Listening to something like this while driving on public roads? Not the best idea in the world. Sure, if you are feeling a bit tired while driving in the night, why not. But you should be able to stay in control.

Don’t try this at home!

That should be the name of the next fast and the furious movie. They should go back to the basics. Don’t you think?

Speaking about don’t trying this at home, another person hit the dirt pretty hard these days. Do you know Daniel Abt? He is better known for the company ABT Sportsline which is tuning Audi’s but also for his career in the Formula E.

Well, he may have listend to this song as well as he decided to let a sim racer doing his virtual Formula E race on Saturday and lost his job as a race car driver a few days later.

What is wrong in this world? I don’t get it. But sure, I don’t know the situation inside the Audi Motorsport department. Looking at the facts, well, it seems like they have just used the chance to do something they wanted to do anyways.


The Formula E got more attention with the “ABT scandal” than they would have got otherwise. And Audi, well, I hope they will not regret their decision business wise. Not the best idea in the world to make a move like this. And that counts for both sides! Don’t they have a marketing department and thought about their doing?

But anyways. Lot’s of things are going on these days besides the corona situation. Why? I guess the media is just really bored about the corona topic these days and isn’t in the position to ignore such a great chance to write about something else.

Have a good one!

See you next time!

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