#334 Project W (Double you) – S3 E3 – What do you want?

If you could get anything you want? What would you want?

You remember Aladin and the magic lamp? What would you wish for if you get the lamp somehow into your hands?


Sounds like a good idea. But don’t you think that life would get a bit messy afterwards? There would be nothing you need to fight for. Nothing you need to wait for. Nothing you need to do in order to get something?

You can have anything right on the spot!

A faster car, a bigger house, a better looking partner? Sure, with endless wishes you would have even multiple cars, multiple mansions and maybe multiple partners. But do you think that life would be better? Do you think that life would be more relaxed? Less stressed, less worried and with less problems after all?

Money doesn’t buy happiness but it calms the nerves.

Joe E. Lewis

In life, we don’t know what might be right and what might be wrong. We are just little fishes in the ocean. But sure, with a bit more of this and that. Life could be better! Don’t you think?

I therefore ask you again!

What do you want?

So many people can’t give you a honest answer to a simple question like this. But what is wrong with them? What the hell? What are they doing? They do not even know what they want?

Why are they doing what they do?

Life seems to be a mystery. Nobody really knows what is supposed to be right or wrong. Well, without knowing, a lot of people seem to simply copy the behavior of others. Sure, it helped a lot when we were just little kids. But now? I don’t know man!

It just feels wrong to do the very same thing, all the others are doing. This can’t be the solution! This can’t be it!

There comes a moment / moments in everyones life where we can finally change something! You may have been diagnosed with something horrible, someone close died, or you just realized something out of the blue. Once this is happening to you, you get the chance for a change.

But wait a minute! What? I need to wait until something like this happens?! Hell no! Nobody should die just because of me not realizing that I should change!

But don’t worry, there is hope! You can still change your life even though there is nothing really tragic going on. It may simply be enough if you feel bad, depressed, alone, or whatever you feel in your current life already.

Define what you want!

If you do not know your destination, how is this supposed to be working in the end? A navigation system will not work! What makes you think that you will get there?

See you next time!

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