#336 Discipline – S1 E12 – Time management

An important skill in life everyone needs to master in order to become successful.

Time is limited! The sooner you got this message, the better! Time might be the most limiting factor in your life. It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve this time around, the time will always stand in your way. Legs two feet apart, arms crossed in front of the muscular body, telling you to fuck off and go home!

You want to do all of this? What!? When?! Have you checked your schedule recently? You don’t have any time left!

If your schedule looks like this in the moment, don’t worry. There is hope! Generally speaking, time is never something we all just have, time is something we need to take.

The management of time differentiates to all the other things in life. It doesn’t work as usual. You can’t save up time for the next day.

The clock never stops running!

But sure, time is of course something we need! In fact, without time, we can hardly do anything. Therefore we need to invest our time! We need to stop doing something else, but instead focus on something new, something we really want to do.

How effective is your time management? Do you have enough time for all the things in your life? Or do you feel miserable because you can hardly do anything there is to do? Do you experience a lack of time, or too much time?

In life, it is always up to you to figure out your personal strategy. Sure, you can manage your time day by day, week by week, month by month or not after all. It is your time!

I do manage my time! Of course! Otherwise I shouldn’t talk about it, right? Is my way of doing it the right way? I honestly don’t think so! But it is just practical for me! And, it works!

If it’s stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid.

Murphy’s Law

If you have a look at my weekly statistic called “The road to success”, you will see what I mean.

Do you remember? Time is limited! But it is still your time! Don’t forget that! You are the manager of your time. You are the CEO of your own life. The annoying boss that demands discipline and high quality outcomes, even on a rainy Monday morning at 6:05 am.

If your time management isn’t right, sorry to say, but you will never reach your goals.

How can he say something like this? This is not fair! Fair? Right! It isn’t fair! But at least it is the truth!

Do you know what it takes to become this person you always wanted to become? An athlete, an astronaut, a lawyer or whatever it is?

Step 1: Figure out what you want! DREAM! That is why the name of my blog starts with DREAM!

Step 2: ACT! Stop blaming your miserable situation in life, your childhood, or your environment!

Step 3: Succeed!


Do you think that you are already doing enough? Is this what it takes to reach your goals? Are you using your time effectively? Are you managing your time after all?

The moment you focus all of your time in a purposeful way, you will keep going and reach your goals! It is just a matter of time!

Time management, there is no right or wrong way how to do it. Ok, in fact, don’t doing it after all might just be wrong, but how can I be certain about that? In the end it is you that needs to be satisfied.

Your life, your goals, your time, your decision!

Discipline comes from the inside. It’s you that invests some of your energy into something. Make sure that you are the one in control. Don’t let outside sources rule over your life.

Time management, not easy to master but necessary to master!

Everything is just a process. One step after the other. The more time you will invest, the better you will become! But as always in life, don’t overdo it!

Find your pace and keep the momentum. Reaching your goals is not a sprint! Reaching your goals is like an ultra endurance marathon. There is nothing won by overdoing it today, if that means that you can’t keep on going tomorrow.

Your end goal is waiting for you on the other side. Is it still far? I don’t know! But you better keep on moving! Otherwise you will not reach it!

Managing time, in fact not hard, but someone might just need the motivation to start.


  1. Look at a single week, day or whatever you want to take and write down what you do!
  2. Oh! You understood that wrong! No! You don’t write down what you thought you were doing. Or what you wish you have been doing! You right down what you really did! Do it again! This time be more honest!
  3. Look at your goals and tell me if you are on the right way or not! Where are your priorities. Does your statistic already tells me what you want to become in the future? Tell me your weekly statistic and I tell you who you are!
  4. Exchange the unimportant, maybe even unnecessary things in your life with something you need to do in order to move on. Pro tip: Time management doesn’t necessarily mean to do more, it means using your time more effectively!
  5. Check your progress regularly! There are good days and bad days. Sure! There always are! But you do not need to care about them! You do not need to give 100% every single day! In fact, you can’t even do that! Find your pace and keep the momentum! Keep the stone rolling! That is all we need to do!

It is finally time for you to take life a bit more serious! Your goals can never be too high! But if you are not willing to invest some time into this, well, why don’t you stop right now and give someone else the opportunity?

The world is yours, but only if you are willing to accept the challenge and finally do something!

Start managing your time and you will see, reaching your goals becomes just a matter of time!

See you next time!


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