#343 Discipline – S2 E1 – The process – Introduction

Life is just a sequence of events.

What are your current goals in life? Where do you see yourself in the future? Questions you should already be able to answer!

Assuming that you already know what you want to reach this time around in life, things might get only worse from here. Sure, you know what you want! But how do you get there? What do you need to do in order to reach your goals?

What you are missing out on is the process.

Everything might just be that, a process. You start doing something, continue doing it and if you are doing it long and hard enough, well, there is only one outcome at the end of the rainbow.

Exactly! You will reach your goals!

Looking at this world, I see a lot of people, including myself struggling with this bespoken process. Why? That’s easy! Because life is this never stopping, always changing environment that is always throwing problems and obstacles our way.

Can we overcome those barriers? Of course we can! But will it be easy? I am not so sure about it! We have only a limited amount of time, money and resources. We might have a lot of obligations, a family, kids, or time consuming jobs and hobbies.

Reaching everything you want, yes, this is of course still possible! But the question is how? What do we need to do? How should we deal with it on a regular basis? How can we move forward and improve without overdoing it?

Welcome to the second season of Discipline. This time, we will focus specifically on the process.

We will discuss strategies, concepts and real life situations. We will think our way through difficult use-cases, fears and all the other things that we may experience.

Join the mission and figure out what you can do today, in order to move on in life.

Because reaching your goals is just a matter of time!

See you next time!

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