#342 Learning – S2 E1 – Studying at University – Introduction

That the system at University might be old and dusty, should be clear to everyone already. The moment we hear the word “University”, what do we think about? Right!

Students are sitting on uncomfortable chairs in a gigantic room, looking at a professor standing somewhere 30 meters away down below and talking about the analyzing process of a higher level maths equation.

In case bad memories spring back into your mind, I am so sorry! But as psychologists always suggest, someone might need to talk about the bad things that happen to us in life.

University for me, a two edged sword. On the one hand it gives you the opportunity to learn, to develop yourself and to move on in life, but on the other it feels so wrong, so confusing and unfair.

Being still an active student in a master program these days, I experience a new kind of studying. Corona home studying! And well, well, well, what can I say? Why is university not always like this? But let me explain myself.

Claiming that I have developed a different point of view on this world, I picked this particular master course because of it’s flexibility. Visiting courses that I am not interested in? Well, that’s nothing for me anymore! I don’t want to waste my time. Therefore, I decided to take a very radical approach for my last semester! Instead of taking the classical lecture + exam kind of setup, I took 100% projects.

Having heard about a MBA program that is based on 100% projects in a Tim Ferriss Podcast Show with Seth Godin as the guest, I thought that this might be actually a good idea to try to implement.

Sure, I had of course no clue that something like the corona lockdown would happen, otherwise I would probably do not pay for an apartment in another town which I do not use right now. But this is another story all together.

My current semester:

  • 100% projects
  • 100% teamwork
  • A little bit of lectures (but all already done)
  • Self-studying approach which gives me the flexibility to invest my time into the topics that I think are important

I wish university would have been always like this! I feel kind of free to organize my days. I can focus on topics, even though they will not be a part of the test. Sure, because there is not test. There will be presentations and questions about the topic. But that’s something else. You know what I mean, right?

In the past, I have put myself under constant pressure!

Sure, there was real pressure! Studying in a dual way? Nothing for people who are supposed to show nerves. It can be over quite soon, therefore you always need to stay in the rhythm. Sure, at the beginning of a semester I was working myself into topics that were just interesting in nature, even though they were definitely not a part of the exam. But after a while, you basically can’t afford that any longer.

Time is limited, therefore you need to invest your time wisely.

During my fifth and sixth semester I was doing two university projects in a formula racing team. Why is it the case that I learned more in those two projects, than in all of the lectures I had for my bachelor? Right!

Because there is a difference between knowing how to do something and actually doing it!

In about a month and a half of time, I will be finished with my current semester. In fact, this will be my last semester “at university”, even though it is not really at university after all. #corona

Because after this, only my master thesis will be left on the schedule. Which basically means, that I will be done with that system which I hated so much!

Why did I do it anyways? I wonder about this quite often. I guess, I just did it, because all the others are doing it as well. And don’t get me wrong on that, you can learn a lot at university. But with a different system, you could learn much more!

Finishing with university somewhere in around 10 month doesn’t mean that studying will be over, it basically means that the real life will only begin.

In the last season we were talking about the basics of studying. In this second season we will focus more on the world of universities and schools!

Having studied for a while, I have talked with many many people about the their strategy through university. In this season, I want to try to focus on the important things from my perspective and will give you some more insights and strategies how you will survive!

Maybe you are a student at university right now, or you will become one in the future. This will be for you!

See you next time!

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