#346 Discipline – S2 E2 – The process – Start in your head

In order to move on in life and reach all the goals you might habe, well, someone might think that you need to develop super powers first. Getting from where you are currently standing in life to where you want to go? This will not be easy! But it also doesn’t necessarily need to be particularly hard either.

It’s just a process.

One step after the other. But as always in life, easier said than done. In our lives, nothing is as easy and simple as someone else might think. We have a lot of open tasks, responsibilities and other obstacles that are standing in our way.

Sure, it would be cool to have a look into our future and figure out if it will work in the end or not, but that’s not really possible, is it?

You know, I really want to do this, but if I would know that I will have success in the end, I would definitely have more motivation for doing it every single day!

But this doesn’t seem to become a reality anytime soon, does it? We simply can’t just look into the future. We will never know if our investment of time, money or energy will have any kind of particular value or not.

We just don’t know!

If you are studying for an exam, doing a project at work, or thinking about your next holiday destination. You are basically using the same strategy all the time:

You set your goals.
You look at the amount of time and resources you have.
You look at the risks and issues that might come your way. Well and then, you just start…

Sometimes we have success in life, sometimes we fail miserably.

Looking back at the biggest projects I have been working on in life, some of them went particularly good while others exceptionally bad. Analyzing them from todays standpoint, well, what can I say, I can see a lot of similarities, but also differences in the way I was dealing with these projects in my head.

The moment you declare something as being a failure in your head, it’s just a matter of time until it will become one in reality as well.

Can people have a sense for what will happen in the future? Should they listen more carefully to what their body is telling them? Does the law of attraction always work?

Doing mistakes is just a normal thing in life. It happens! Sure, we don’t like it, but we need to get used to it!

Thinking about my biggest project in life so far, I can clearly see today, what I have been doing wrong all the time. And it was a lot, believe me. But what really strikes me here is the mindset I had. Every time I was thinking about the project, every time someone called me, every time someone asked me how it was going. My mindset wasn’t convinced of succeeding in the end. I had lost the faith, I had lost the passion. I was just stressed out. Reacting instead of acting.

Today, I know that this was making things even worse. Today, I know that this was a mistake.

Sure, if someone else is doing the mistake, it just feels so easy to blame them for it. But is this really helping anyone? If I learned one thing in my formula student time then this: In the end, everyone is responsible for everything. You are a team! The car either drives or it doesn’t. It’s not important who’s fault that is, it’s always the teams fault!

Every single person of a team is responsible!

The mindset is more important than you might think. It directs your thoughts, it controls your emotions, it sets free positive or negative vibes.

A situation might just be that, a situation. A supplier can’t stick to the time line, a mistake in the manufacturing process? Things just happen, that’s life! But the way you react to it, that is totally up to you!

In the past, too often I ended up losing it in my head. I was frustrated, exhausted, fed up with these projects. But looking back at these situations now, of course I also learned a lot during that time.

Discipline starts in your head, you know?

It is what you truly believe in, that will decide about your future. If your mindset isn’t right, well, you will just not be able to push through it, believe me!

A goal, whatever it might be, is always achievable! But only, if you are truly convinced about achieving it!

Why don’t you start in your head. Imagine what you want to do and how you will do it. Get through the different steps in your head. Step after step.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!

Henry Ford

See you next time!

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