#347 20 minutes writing challenge #32 – The best year of my life so far?

G-Easy – Still be friends (feat. Tory Lanez&Tyga)

Time, time is a funny thing. Who had guessed that 2020 would look like this? Nobody!

The corona thing, breath taking. The lockdown, stoping people right in their tracks. Businesses struggle, complete industries struggle. A crisis is coming our way?

But for me personally, the impact wasn’t that hard. My university, closed. My lectures, 100% online. I have just a lot of time.

Time that I use? Time that I need? I guess in the end, time that I spend.

Starting the year with the first exam phase for the master. Was exhausting, to be honest. Sure not the most favorite thing in the world to do. But at least the time investment paid off, somehow. At least in some subjects.

One month free after that. Well, definitely not bad if you are asking me. I enjoyed it a lot, but of course the weather wasn’t that good. I spent most of the time with my racing simulator and sport. Indeed, a great compensation after the stressful exam phase.

With the corona spreading all over the place, the lockdown, unavoidable. And therefore the semester start was getting postponed. Five weeks until the new start. How great is that. Having time unexpectedly? Great! I wanted to use the time and started my book project.

Well, only ten days later they started the semester online anyways. Leaving me no chance than to stop the book project all together. Pushing it back in the priority list a couple of places.

With the semester going great. Only a couple of weeks are left until I will be finished. Finally. Or so soon? Sure, it was a short period of time. But I learned more than I expected.

Would I recommend the master in Coburg, hell yes I would.

What comes next, my master thesis. Finally being back in the world of real projects, I am looking forward to getting a positive response from a company I applied for recently.

But in between? I will have a summer full of time. Time that I can invest wisely. Time I can spent with sport, with writing my book, with writing my blog. Time I could use to relax, to meet friends, to do stuff that I regularly don’t have the time for.

Being my own boss, that is how my life 2020 is looking like so far. I have not many obligations all together, I am just a free man. A free student. Somehow living the dream.

A dream I built myself? Sure, the corona thing is not really what I wished for, but having the time for my projects, that was always a high priority. Does life look like hard work these days? Definitely not.

Sure, I do a lot for university and stuff, but due to the freedom I have, it doesn’t feel like being so hard after all. Looking back at the first years in my apprenticeship program, people always advised me to enjoy the four weeks summer break in a row. It might be the last time that I will have that much time. Well, looks like they were not really right with it. I continually managed to have at least four weeks every summer.

2020, the best year of my life so far?

  • Driving a Porsche 911 ✅
  • Starting my book ✅
  • Writing my daily blog ✅
  • Finish the second semester❓
  • Do a lot of sport ✅
  • Enjoy my time ✅

See you next time!


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