#353 Meditation 4.0 – S3 E2 – The best time for meditating?

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Chinese Proverb

Well, imagine you would have started your meditation practice twenty years ago, I guess you would already hover above the earth. But we haven’t started, have we?

Twenty years ago, meditating was something for the society dropouts. The barefoot walking tree huggers. But these days are over! Meditating? This has become socially acceptable.

And therefore we try it as well? Sure, I am trying to do this for more than five years by now, but even back at that point it was kind of accepted already. We take a seat on an uncomfortable cushion and close our eyes. But does it really work like that? Do we really calm down? Do we really feel better afterwards?

When is the perfect time for meditating?

Early on in the morning when the mind is fresh and the sun rising? Or late in the evening when the day is about to end?

During the last five years, I have tried nearly everything. From an early morning meditation routine, to some in between action during the day. From guided meditations to journaling. From longer meditation sessions to shorter ones.

The best time for me? Late at night.

When the day is about to beging, my mind seems to be all over the place. I see all the tasks in front of my eyes, the stress that is about to kick in, life seems to throw things at me big time!

Can I take the time in the morning for having a meditation session? No! Definitely not! At least, not yet.

Meditating in the morning before doing anything else, not that easy if you have a very aggressive inner drive. But in the evening, most of the things on your to do list will be already checked. You can finally calm down a little bit and enjoy the quietness in your head. No appointments, now open tasks, no this or that. Just you and your ongoing thoughts.

At the beginning, the evening sessions are the best.

But is it really practical to have a certain meditating rhythm? In the past, I thought so. I assumed that making it a habit to meditate every day is the key to success. Someone may just do it regularly and gets better while doing so.

But well, what can I say? I have changed my opinion about that.

What is the concept behind meditating? To calm down? To relax? Sure this might be a part of it, but that is rather the end result and not the process. The idea behind meditating might just be to be realize what is going in your brain all the time. The skillset to push thoughts away, to get back in the normal breathing rhythm, to take a few minutes for yourself.

If you can’t meditate under any circumstances, you must be doing something wrong. I realized, that I am doing something wrong!

Therefore, I highly recommend you to forget everything about a well planned meditation routine, but instead focus on a more flexible approach. Why don’t you use the situations that life is throwing your way and try to practice with these everyday life problems?

Everyone can meditate in a temple somewhere on the other side of the world with no internet, telephones and other people around them.

In this modern age, our environment is just constantly changing. Corona, new technologies, fear and stress and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you really want to be able to meditate properly, you should be able to do it at any time and any place.

Practice makes perfect, or perfect practice makes perfect? It doesn’t matter. Being able to meditate is a skill that takes more than just an investment of time.

See you next time!

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