#355 Life Coaching – S1 E5 – Believe in yourself

Do you believe in your own abilities? Do you rely on your own skills? What makes you think that you will reach your goals?

In life there is an important lesson to learn.

Believe in yourself

But what does that really mean? Following this inner drive without questioning anything? Believing that everything you will touch turns instantly into gold?

When it comes to the mindset thing, we might have different attempts how to deal with that. Some put themself more on the positive thinking side of life, imagining that there is success waiting around every single corner. And then there is the other group of people, that are afraid about the danger that must come into their life sooner or later.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Are you thinking in a positive nature, or in a negative one?

Is the glas half full or half empty?

In my life so far, I realized that I am constantly changing between these two different modes. There are some things in life, where I do not have a single doubt about having success in the end, but then there are the other moments, where I talk things down and invent scenarios in my head that do not even exist in reality.

But what is the right thing to do? Is there a right thing to do?

A healthy approach towards life, that was never a bad thing. Being a realist and standing with two feet on the ground! But where will this leading us to? A save administration job, or the next entrepreneurial mega start up.

In your life, you are making the decisions. You are supposed to think about what you want to have in the future and what not. Worries you might have, fears, anxieties, doubts. The list might be long. How do you want to deal with them? Do you go all in and jump into the cold water the moment you have reached the cliff? Or do you rather check the water temperature first, get a neoprene suit and climb down to the water level in order to get in there slowly?

Believing in yourself doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to decide! Believing in yourself means that you believe in your skills, your decisions, your goals and the things you are standing for.

You take the next step with confidence, because you know yourself and what you are capable of. You know where your limitations are. You know your strength and weaknesses.

One step after the other, how hard can it be?

Transform your weaknesses into strength, your strength into ultimate strength and the future belongs to you. Some people are good at math, other rather creative. Do you know your strength and weaknesses?

In the end, you are representing the combination of past experiences, knowledge, interests and hobbies. The person you are today doesn’t necessarily need to be the person you will be in the future.

Believing in yourself means to follow your dreams. To get up in the morning and work on your dreams and goals until you reach them.

See you next time!

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