#360 A year of daily blogging – *Topic Week 9* – Day 1 – Why do I do it?


With the countdown having already started, this topic week will be all about my daily blog.

The road map:

  • Day 1: Why do I do it?
  • Day 2: How do I do it?
  • Day 3: What should you know about daily blogging?
  • Day 4: What have I learned?
  • Day 5: How will the future look like?


A very interesting but at the same time very simple question to ask. It seems like it was only yesterday when I have startet with this blog project nearly one year ago.

Was it planned? No, not really. It was more like an accident. It just happened…

I found myself back at home after finishing my last bachelor semester and didn’t know what to do? No! That was not it! Definitely not!

As some of you might know, my “writing career” started way earlier in life during numerous attempts to write a book.

How silly of me, thinking that someone might just sit there in front of a computer and start writing a book in his or her free time. But well, what can I say? At least, I tried!

But at least the book ideas were brilliant, right? I mean, maybe? I guess you can make anything exciting. But what I was clearly missing out on was the process of writing. The writing skills.

Having spend my youth without touching a single book on a voluntary basis, I did not even know how a book is supposed to look like.

Therefore, these little projects were just doomed to fail, even before I have written a single word. With time comes wisdom? Well, not necessarily, but at least a better sense for what you are doing wrong.

Having suffered quite a lot during the time I have started studying, my life looked like a mess. I was afraid, aimless and weak. I had health issues, couldn’t sleep well and couldn’t rest.

Sounds like my life today 🥳 At least some parts of it.

I was not even close to being in control of my life. At least that was what I have felt on the inside. The outside world, well, they haven’t noticed.

But I made it out of there, somehow! I finally got the message. But how? Through reading and listening of course!

Once your own life is on the line, you will finally see the world with different eyes. You will wake up from your dream and notice the things you have been doing wrong all the time.

And there I was, having this idea in mind that I should start writing a book again. But this time trying to show the world how I am trying to get through difficult times in life.

What did I do? I started to write a book again?

Again? Oh come on! You can’t be serious! “🎶 Upppppss! I did it again!🎶” I know! Really stupid of me! But anyways. Some six month into the project I quit. I realized that in order to gather my thoughts and bring them down on paper, I still lack the skill of writing. I couldn’t transform my thoughts into words. I simply couldn’t write it.

Therefore, I changed the strategy. Instead of sitting there for hours, days, weeks, months and years to come, trying to write a book that people can read in the end, I wanted to get instant feedback from day one.

Having listend to a podcast episode with Seth Godin on Tim Ferriss’s “Tim Ferriss Podcast Show”, I finally got the message.

I should start writing a blog. Sure, this dude was talking about writing every fucking single day. But that didn’t seem to be very practical at that time. I mean come on! I have a life! There is so much stuff I do in my free time!

So what did I do? I was sitting on the couch on a sunny Saturday afternoon and decided to take the next step.

4 hours, that was all it took between having the idea and publishing my first blog post online.

Should I better considered it a bit longer? Talk with others about it or try to reconsider my options? Well, thank god I did not! Who knows, maybe they would have talked me out of it.

And on the very next day, I posted my second post of course. Sure, it was a Sunday, I had time!

And there it was. I got a notification from WordPress that said something like.

“You have published something two days in a row on your blog! Keep on going!”

And I was like: “Oh, interesting! Challenge accepted!” Let’s see if I can make a week! And I did a week! And I wondered if I could make another week. And I did another week. And then it was a month, two months, three months, half a year and soon, a year of daily blogging.

True, I like to endure things and enjoy suffering over a longer period of time. True, I am a bit extrem when it comes to overdoing things slightly. And true, I may be not normal after all.

But was it only this notification that kept me going? No, of course not! Sure, I like a good old competition! But who doesn’t? What really made the difference here was the fact that I have improved so much.

Writing something every single day for the last year, what do you think will happen?

  • I am doing this in English. English improvement in the last year? Over 40 percent.
  • I write every single day, no matter if I feel like writing or not. The result? You learn how to gather your thoughts. You learn how to deliver the message! #workinprogress
  • You reflect on your doing. With my weekly statistic I have a clear documentation of my life. Check it out if you want to. “The road to success“. Every single day is a chance to make it better.
  • Your life gets transformed. You have a mission! You have a goal! You can be creative and create something out of nothing.
  • You learn more about yourself than you would in any other project.

I write this blog because it is helping me to move on in life. It is a daily reminder about how little I know today and how much there is still to learn in the future. This project is pushing me forward. This thing gives me the extra boost I need in order to push through the day!

I always wanted to be a writer. I wanted to be able to invent a story in my head and put it down on paper. But how does someone become an author? A writer? A difficult question. But in this modern age? We can do anything we want.

Am I an author? Am I a writer? I wouldn’t say that I am, but technical I must be. Because what do these people normally do? Right! They write.

I write this blog because it makes fun, it is exciting, it is challenging, it widens up my horizon, it is a daily reminder about how little I know and it shows me that everything is possible if you believe in yourself.

Sure, we all have these dreams about getting a sports car, a big house or whatever it is. But how many of us are actively working on these goals? How many have not only the dream, but the courage for taking their faith into their own hands?


Everything is just that, a process. We are definitely good at DREAMING! Check! First box ticked! ✅ But now comes what? Waiting until we miraculously get what we want? No!!!! Now comes the next step! You need to ACT! You need to do something! You want a change in your life? Well, sorry to say, but your life doesn’t change on its own! If you want a change in your life, you need to change it!

This blog project is helping me to improve, to grow, to get stronger and better in all the different fields of life. Sure, my website is not yet the best organized! And sure, there are many thousand of words no one will ever read anyways. But it is not about that! And it never was about that! In your life, you are playing the main character! If I write a blog post that no one reads or likes? Well, I don’t care as long as I have learned something from it! And even if it is just the fact, that my writing is not very good! Everything is just a process.

If you don’t believe in me and my goals? No problem! But please! At least believe in yourself! You are the key to success!

In this modern age, people strive for fame, likes and attention. But why? Because they want to make money? Because they need the acceptance from others? If you do not like my blog project, no problem! Don’t read it! But please promise me one thing! Make sure to come back in a couple of years and check how I am doing. Even the thought about you checking this, will give me enough motivation to keep on going and reaching all my goals!

What are you waiting for? Your life will end some day, that’s for sure! Do you already live the life you always wanted to live? You are holding it in your own hands my friend!


See you next time!


  1. I love that you write every day regardless of what you feel. That already sets you apart from many other writers who only do it according to their whim. It’s inspiring that you’ve blogged every day for one year straight, and I’m looking forward to what else the future has in store for you. Keep writing!

    Liked by 2 people

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