#361 A year of daily blogging – *Topic Week 9* – Day 2 – How do I do it?


With the countdown having already started, this topic week will be all about my daily blog.

The road map:

  • Day 1: Why do I do it?
  • Day 2: How do I do it?
  • Day 3: What should you know about daily blogging?
  • Day 4: What have I learned?
  • Day 5: How will the future look like?


Someone might just say: “Day by day, post by post” and is technically speaking correct with that. If you want to have a daily blog, well, first of all you need to write every single day, no matter what!

Excuses? There are no excuses!

Do you think that you can do something like this as well? Doing something every single day for the next year, no matter what?

Well, in case you doubt your own abilities, let’s see if I can convince you to think otherwise!

Everything is just a process

If you write a daily blog, read the newspapers, drive to work or do whatever else you can think of, it is all just a sequence of events. You start to write one blog post then the other, you read the first word then the second one, you take a left turn and then a right turn. But the moment you will do something differently, the outcome will change. You will not be able to call your blog a daily blog, you will not unterstand what the newspapers are trying to tell you and you will end up driving somewhere else.

If everything is just a process, it seems to be very easy to take the next step, because nobody said how big or small that step needs to be. You can have a daily blog with posting just one quote every day, how hard can that be?

The path to success leads up the hill, but nobody expects from you to reach the top today.

When I started this blog project nearly a year ago, I had no clue about blogging after all. In fact, I had never even read a single blog post!

Why should I? I mean, come on! I hated reading!

But it doesn’t really matter at which level you start. If you continuously take one step after the other you will reach any goal!

Make it a habit

You get up in the morning and do what? Drink a coffee? Have a walk with your dog? Whatever it is you are doing, I get up and publish my blog!

Writing every single day has become a routine.
A habit!

A day that starts with writing is a better day, so to speak! I get up and instantly start to write. I don’t have breakfast, I don’t have a coffee. I just start writing.

The moment something becomes a habit, there is no need for you to find the motivation.

Do I get up and argue with myself about publishing something today or not? Is there a need to motivate myself? No! I can save all of that time and invest it in something else! Because I just write every single day! That is what I decided to do once and now just keep on doing.


But with time comes the pressure. Once you are really engaged into your project, you will feel this inner need to keep on going! You can’t just stop midway! You need to go on! You need to push through! You need to deliver!

And here we go! The pressure is on!

At the beginning it was fun, but after a while everything can become an obstacle in your life! A task that needs to be done! Others expect that from you! You are expecting this from yourself! You wake up late, still feeling tired and do not even want to do your daily habit thing. But you need to, of course. Others are waiting for it! But not only that! They want to get entertained! They expect the best blog post the world has ever seen! They expect greatness! They expect from you to deliver!


Is this pressure for real? Is this really what is going on? Hell yes it is! But I figured out a way how to deal with it. I am using a simple but very effective trick!

I trick myself!

I get up in the morning and need to deliver, every single day. But what if I get up in the morning and todays post is already nearly finished? HA! That doesn’t seem to be so hard. Come one! It is nearly done!

The writing process

Instead of writing and publishing the same post on one day, I am splitting up the process into two days.

After publishing my post on one day, I instantly start to think about the next topic for tomorrow. Once I found it, I open a new blog post and write down my thoughts. Sometimes these are a couple of sentences, sometimes nearly the complete post. It doesn’t really matter! And then? I will just do whatever else I am doing on that day but thinking about the topic from time to time and trying to find out what is important and what isn’t.

On the next day I get up and feel the pressure? Not really! Why? Because I already thought about this for a complete day. I open the blog post from the day before and write/ finish it in the morning.

And after publishing, well, the process starts all over again.

Now you know how I write it, but how do I do it?


I am my own boss. I decide on how I spend my time! I am the one in control.

In life, people want so much, but do so little.

Do you believe in yourself? Do you follow your dreams and goals every single day? Are you the one in control? Or do you rather do the things, others want you to do?

I am my own boss!

Nobody tells me what I should or shouldn’t do! If I decide to do something, then I will do it! Do I doubt my own abilities! Of course! Do I think that I am aiming to high? Hell yes I do! But the moment you feel these things, you know that you are on the right path!

This is all just a mindset thing! If you really want something, you can do it! It doesn’t matter how easy or hard it might sound!

And you can do the same! Why? Because everything is just a process! Ask yourself: What can I do today, that will help me in order to move on?

What you need is motivation! Endless motivation!

Getting endless motivation is the key! But how do we get it?

The moment you follow your dreams and goals in life, trying to reach the things you really want to reach, the motivation will be always there! It will follow you through good and bad days, supporting you whenever you need it! But you are right! This sounds way easier than you might experience it in your everyday life.

But even that is just a process.

Endless motivation is for real, but someone needs to figure how to get it first!


See you next time!

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