#362 A year of daily blogging – *Topic Week 9* – Day 3 – What should you know about daily blogging?


With the countdown having already started, this topic week will be all about my daily blog.

The road map:

  • Day 1: Why do I do it?
  • Day 2: How do I do it?
  • Day 3: What should you know about daily blogging?
  • Day 4: What have I learned?
  • Day 5: How will the future look like?


Daily blogging consumes a lot of time!

In the last 362 days, I have spend quite some time on the project, 895 hours to be precise. That is the equivalent of 37 complete days or in other words 10 percent of the time of a year. Can you believe it? This is a lot of time! But was the time well spend! Definitely!

Daily blogging helps you to get to know yourself!

This is like a daily therapy session! You take some time for yourself and just think. Sometimes you are traveling back in time, sometimes into the future. You may dream about a better world, or create your own one. During the last year I learned more about myself than I have learned in any other year of my life so far. I figured out what is going on in my head and that I know nothing about this world around me.

Daily blogging keeps you moving forward!

If you continuously work on something, there is only one outcome possible! You will improve! You will grow! You will become a better version of yourself. You can see the blog as a kind of a source of motivation. How cool is that? I can go on my own website and read my own work from basically all around the globe. A lack of motivation? This is something that doesn’t exist in my life any longer!

Daily blogging pushes you beyond limits!

The sky is the limit. But even that seems to be false. The truth is, there are no limits. The moment you have a daily blog, you can harvest the positive energy it produces. You will lose your sense of limitations. Simply because of the fact, that there are no limits in the creative process of writing a daily blog. You are only limiting yourself but not the other way around!

Daily blogging is fun!

Writing everyday, one of the greatest things I have discovered in my life so far. But even besides the writing process, blogging can be fun. You can publish something online, interact with others, share experiences and basically do whatever you want.

Daily blogging can be hard and frustrating!

But there is of course a dark side of blogging as well. You have a dream, a vision for the future! But then, life kicks in and hits you right in the face! The followers you wanted, the likes you are looking for. The reality might be different to the idea you have in your mind. Giving up on your daily blog? I can understand it! You can’t believe how frustrating it is to invest a lot of time into something but nobody seems to care about you and your projects. Nobody reads your stuff! Nobody reaches out to you!

Daily blogging can change your life!

But this can also be a big chance for you! Since the day I have started this blog project, I became a different person! I am working on my goals even harder now, because my life is more organized and I know exactly what I want! Having your own blog is something special!

Daily blogging is nothing for everyone!

Daily blogging? You think that you have what it takes? A lot of people either overestimate or underestimate the daily blogging thing. Sure, it took me a lot of time, but of course there is no need to write as much as I have done! You can also post much smaller posts! But generally speaking, you shouldn’t force yourself into something you do not want to do after all. If you do not have the desire for having a daily blog and know that you can’t motivate yourself on bad days, you shouldn’t even think about having a daily blog.

Daily blogging is the best thing in order to move on in life!


See you next time!

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