­čą│ I have done it! ­čĺ¬

A year of daily blogging is already over! Can you believe it? Time is running these days, unbelievable! Does it feel like a complete year already? Actually it does not!

Looking back at the past year, I guess I can be proud of myself. With 811 hours spend on the project, this represents 33.8 complete days of the year, or in another way, that was a time investment of 9.2% of the complete time I had.

Was the time well spent? I guess so! I have learned so much! Thank god I decided to do this project.

But what did I really do? In the last 365 days, I have written one blog post a day. To reach this goal, I was spending 811 hours on the project, while having written around 261000 words in English. This makes an average of 715 words and 2.2 hours a day.

Sounds like a lot of work to you? I guess from the outside it must really look like that. But to be honest with you, it made so much fun, I did not even notice that it was that much work.

Two hours a day in average!? What the hell!? Sure, that sounds like a lot. But the moment you find your passion in doing something, the investment of time will not be that important any longer.

You can do it if you believe you can.

Napoleon Hill

Everything is possible in life, the moment you believe in yourself! Sure, we can read inspirational quotes all day long and can try to feel better directly after. But is that really helping us to get going in life? Are these the essential parts of life we need to understand?

After doing this daily blog project for a complete year, the quintessence is the following:

  • You think that you know exactly what is going on in this world around you, but actually you do not know anything!
  • You are responsible for your own life! Not your family, not your environment, just you!
  • Dreams, hopes and wishes, they are all just fine! But if you do not start doing something in order to get them, well, they will stay dreams, hopes and wishes forever!
  • The journey towards success is a long way up the hill! Do not over-pace today!
  • Show me what you do and I tell you who you are!
  • Everything is just a process. Step by step, day by day!

After having spend so much time primarily focusing on myself, what do you think has happened? You are right, of course! I have started to see the world around me in a different light! I have understood how little I know and how much there is still to learn.

The journey to success? A never ending quest!

You can always try harder, work longer and drive faster. But where is this leading you towards? Success or misery? Whom do you want to impress? What is wrong with you?

In this modern world, we think that we need to show others how great we are. You go on Instagram, Facebook & Co. and see what? The truth? Or the dream they are selling you?

How do you define success? Is it the amount of money someone has? Is it the amount of followers? The likes? Or is it something completely different?

Check out my blog statistic and tell me what you think!

  • 365 posts
  • 261000 words
  • 811 hours
  • 1917 visitors from 55 different countries
  • 7344 website clicks
  • 142 follower
Visitors from all over the world

Is this a success story for you or not? Did I made any money? No I did not! In fact, the project even cost me money! But this is not really important here, is it? It’s not about money! It’s about believing in yourself and following your dreams and goals in life.

A lot of people out there are talking about success these days. From being able to stop working to financial independents. From network marketing to online trading. But do these people really have a clue about what they are talking? Do these people really care about you as an individual person? Or is their main priority focusing on something else? Making money for themselves, for example?

I am a bit different compared to the average human being. I understood that by now. And honestly, motivating myself is the easiest of things in the world. Doing this blog project everyday? As easy as brushing my teeth.

But how can I help you personally, adopting my methods and strategies in order to reach your goals and dreams in life as well? This blog project is my current attempt to make things easier to understand. After having written around 261000 words about this topic in the last year, it is starting to getting easier and easier to explain.

I break the topics down into tiny, tiny pieces. Pieces that you can easily adopt into your busy everyday life.

You can do it if you believe you can!“, this is what Napoleon Hill said a long time ago. But what does it really mean?

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t. You’re right.

Henry Ford

Exactly! Do you believe in yourself? Do you get up in the morning and focus on your dreams and goals in life? Are you working continuously on your projects? Do you give everything you have? Every single day?

In the end, you will be responsible! Once your life is over, you will look back in time and say what? That you worked on your goals every single day? Or that you simply did not do enough?

It is your decision my friend!


Three words that are describing the process perfectly! The difference between who you are today and who you will become in the future is just that! Do you do something in order to reach your dreams and goals in life or not?

If you can manage to continuously work on your dreams, success is the only outcome possible! Reaching your goals becomes just a matter of time!


See you next time!

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