#364 A year of daily blogging – *Topic Week 9* – Day 5 – How will the future look like?

With the countdown having already started, this topic week will be all about my daily blog.

The road map:

  • Day 1: Why do I do it?
  • Day 2: How do I do it?
  • Day 3: What should you know about daily blogging?
  • Day 4: What have I learned?
  • Day 5: How will the future look like?


I will of course continue writing my blog! That is for sure! But I guess, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. After all that time I have invested into the project, I figured out that this is exactly the thing I always wanted to do. This is the thing that helps me to move forward in life. This is the thing that will help me to reach all my goals!

Will it stay a daily blog?

Yes it will. Even though I am going to reach my long therm goal tomorrow morning, after finishing a complete year of daily blogging, I still do not have enough of it! There is still so much I need to learn! There is still so much that I need to master in order to move on in life. Therefore, I can not afford to stop mid way! I need to push through all the way!

How will the future look like?

With my second master semester ending at the end of July, I will finally have more time for my other projects in life. This includes of course my book, my racing project and this blog. Finishing all the courses for the master already after the second semester, only the master thesis will be left on the agenda for the next and last semester of my life. Therefore, I will not only have more time during the summer break, but also in the time after as well!

But how will I spend all of my new gained free time?

Doing more sport? Doing more writing sessions? I am having a lot of ideas in mind. From a silent retreat to some extensive reading sessions. From continuing writing my book to some time spending with my family and friends.

The mission is clear! This blog is quite good already, but we all know what “good” really means! This blog needs to be better! This blog needs to become awesome! Therefore I will keep on pushing! I will keep on challenging my believe system and try to make things better day by day!

In the future this blog project will become even more practical, more useful and focusing more on the every day life struggle each and everyone is experiencing!

I will of course continue to document my way towards success and share it with you!

The good moments and the bad ones.

Where others are stopping, I do not stop! I will not give up on my goals! I will go all the way! And you can join me on that journey!

Because everything is just a process, the only thing you need to do is to take the next step. Do you think that you can do that? One step at a time? Come on! This can’t be such a hard thing to do!

If I can do it, you can do it as well!

Join me on my journey and start improving upon your life.


See you next time!

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