#367 Discipline – S2 E3 – The process – A change

If you experience a lack of discipline in your day to day life, well, it looks like you are doing something wrong. In fact, you must do something wrong! Otherwise why would you have such a lack of discipline in your life? Or are you supposed to have this lack? Is this something you were born with? Something that can hardly be your own fault?

Discipline is nothing you get born with! The end of the story!

With discipline, it is something else? No! It is not! Sure, sometimes people seem to just carry it in them, take me for example. But I don’t think that you can’t get to the very same level, even if discipline is an unknown word for you until now.

Discipline, easy to understand hard to master.

On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the most disciplined, where is your current position? Somewhere in the minus area, or are you actually quite close to the maximum potential?

If you experience a lack of discipline in your life, it is time to change this! But how?

Step 1: Where is your current level of discipline?

Ask yourself this question and make sure to answer it honestly. Do you rule over your life? Can you force yourself to go through hell, so to speak and endure something you don’t like? Take your time and think about situations where you experience your lack of discipline. Can you see some parallels? A pattern?

Step 2: Which level of discipline do you need?

Are you already somewhere close to where you want to be? Or haven’t you even started? Is procrastination your best friend, or haven’t you heard about this in a while? Where do you want to go in life? And which level of discipline will you need in order to get there?

Step 3: Look at how others are doing it.

Have you ever wondered how some people get up at four am in the morning every single day and have a run in the forest? Or how others can save up so much money over such a long period of time? Well, it seems like they have something inside of them, that you are still missing out on completely. But it’s not primarily discipline, is it?!

Can you demand from yourself to do something and actually ending up doing it? Look at professional athletes, musicians, authors, whatever you like. Without discipline, they would never ever be able to reach these levels of performance.

The difference between you and them? Sure, maybe they are a bit taller, a bit smaller, a bit faster or better looking. But in the end, they are human beings like each and everyone of us.

In life there can be no goal too high! You can reach everything you want! But not with your current attitude towards life, that is true! You have that dream? Great! But now is the time to finally do something! Look at people who already did something similar and ask yourself how did they do it?

There is no one doing something similar? No problem! You can also have a look at people from other walks of life, the pattern is always the same. In fact, you can take any process in life and after breaking it down into tiny, tiny pieces, you will see that it is the same all together all the time.

Step 4: Start behaving like you want to be!

Fake it till you make it.

Mary Kay Ash

Does it really work like this? Actually yes, it does! #TheLawOfAttraction!

The difference between doing something or thinking about doing something is what exactly? Have you ever seen a kind of professional sport, where people would go through the track in their mind before their race? Skiers for example, you can see them standing somewhere, closing their eyes and pretending to race through their track. One corner after the other. But what are they doing? Right! They go through the process in their head, adding their head movement or their bodyweight transfer in corners. They are simulating their next race.

But why can’t you do the very same thing? Why can’t you get up in the morning and pretend to be the most disciplined person on earth? Just ask yourself what such a person would do in your case and then simply do the very same things!

Step 5: You need a reason!

Without having a reason, why should you get up early in the morning and do stuff anyways? Why? Just why? Can you tell me? Why are you here? What is your mission? Where do you want to go? If your reason is not good enough, sorry to say, but discipline will not show up around the next corner!

In your life, you are the important person! What do you want? Really? That is what you want? Well, what are you waiting for? Go and get it!

See you next time!

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