#368 The road to success – First Half Year Statistic Of 2020 – Practice what you preach

The first half year of 2020 is already over. Well, looks like we should do a “First Half Year Statistic Of 2020” and see where I am standing right now.

Therefore, here we go! The overview!

The overview

It is always funny that it looks like there is so much time in someones life, but actually time is running so fast.

The different categories

Looking at the different categories in my life these days, we can clearly see that I can still manage to do all of my other hobbies besides studying.

My free time

My most favorite chart, because it shows clearly what I am doing all the time.

My life

Yes, you are right. Still studying full time and therefore currently don’t work after all.

Bar chart

And that is it. A short overview over the first half year of 2020.

In the following image, the first half year of 2020 at the top gets directly compared to the second half year of 2019 underneath.

Comparing the numbers we can clearly see, that not only the effort for my blog got increased by quite a lot, but that I also spend more time on university projects. Doing less sport because of the corona situation? Nahh! Not really! But sure, I spent a bit more time with my family and friends!

Am I still on the right path towards success? I guess so! Looking at the numbers, they represent exactly what I felt. I am doing not enough sport and racing, but doing great in all the other fields of my life. With my next semester being only the master thesis, I should be able to do more sport, therefore the complete 2020 statistic will be fine after all. But we will see!

Reflect to Improve

What did I learn this last half year?

  • Everything is possible if you believe in yourself!
  • Writing a daily blog is a lot of time effort
  • Setting priorities is the key to long time success

Have I achieved everything I wanted to achieve?

  • With the corona situation allowing me to spend my time at home, this last half year was just awesome!!!
  • The semester is not yet over, but it will be over soon.

Top three goals for next half year!

  • Do more sport
  • Do more racing
  • Read more

See you next time!

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