#371 The essence of reading

Successful people will always advice you to read.

“Read this, read that! Oh, this is a good one as well!”

But is it really all about reading? And how much should we actually read? A book a year, a month, a week, a day? Looking at this book thing from a very strange perspective, my own perspective as a nonreader and blog/ book writer, I struggle a lot with the way how people talk about reading. Sure, the more you read, the more likely you will know something. But be honest with yourself, how much do you forget about all this nonsense you read? Is it really just all about the amount of books you read?

For me personally, reading is a strange and most of the time boring process. But nevertheless, even I do it from time to time. During the years I experienced always the same effect. Sure, you can read thousands of different books and try to absorb anything there is to absorb, but actually, you do not have a super brain and therefore will most likely forget nearly everything in the next year or two. Sometimes, you will even forget about the book after all, swearing to god that you haven’t touched this one particular thing.

Have you ever reread a book? Like watching the titanic for the 37th time? Hoping that Leonardo will survive this time around? I can only highly recommend you to do this. I for my part read the “Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill once a year since 2015 and the effect it has on me personally is just amazing. Each time I reread it, I notice different things I haven’t noticed before!

Should you read? Yes, you should! But not too much and not too diversified in the portfolio of books you read. I would rather pick a couple of good books and reread them again and again until I really get the message, instead of reading one thing after the other without learning anything after all.

If you really dive deep into a certain topic and try to understand what it is all about, you will always discover the same pattern, the same principles, the same way how to do things.

But another point is of course, that knowledge alone is not really getting you anywhere. Sure, we all know that the moment you eat less than your body needs, you can lose some weight, but why people are still struggling with this so much, when in fact, it is just so easy? Right! Because knowing something isn’t important! It’s the process of using this knowledge that helps you to move on in life at the end of the day!

Reading a book a week, sure, go for it! But if you do not start to adapt your life accordingly and implement all of these things into your every day life. Well, why don’t you do something else instead? Watching TV? Having a walk? Doing something productive?

Reading is important, don’t get me wrong on that. But reading is more than just following one line of words after the other. The essential part of reading is what is going on in your brain while reading something. It’s the thought process that is starting in your head! The ideas you will get! The experiences you can have.

Take some time and think about the last five books you have read? What have you learned and how did they changed your life? Well, in case these books did not do such a thing, why don’t you reread them again and try to focus more this time around? Believe it or not, but making notes is in fact a very useful tool to be able to keep the knowledge.

As you might know, I am currently in the process of writing a book next to my daily blog. Do I think that I have something to say? Sure, I have. But this fits into one single book easily! There is no need to write 50 books or even more! If you will find an author that writes too much, well, pick one of this authors books and write down everything that is new to you. Read it again and do the very same thing! If you are lucky, your notes will be longer than a single page. People do not really have a lot to say these days. They write for the sake of making money and not for the sake of helping their readers.

Old vs new?

Oh come one! If history doesn’t repeat, at least it rhymes. It is always the same, no matter if it happened yesterday, 50 years ago, or 2000 years ago. The technologies are changing, the stories not. Looking at my portfolio of books, I don’t make a difference. I read old ones, I read new ones.

Make reading great again!

Why don’t you start to read one hour a week? Come on, you can do that!

See you next time!

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