#372 Entrepreneurship & Business – S2 E6 – Follow your dreams

In life, there is no goal too high.

Would you say that you have a healthy attitude towards your goals in life? Would you agree, that it is totally clear that you will reach your goals sometime in the future?

Following your dreams in life can be dangerous, expensive and is maybe leading your somewhere where you really don’t want to go after all. Sure, you always wanted to have a company, but the responsibility for all of those employees? No thank you!

But life doesn’t work like this. Life isn’t asking you what you want and serving it on a dinner plate the very next day. Life is more conventional. Things will just automatically come and go.

If you look at famous examples of real entrepreneurial super brains, you can always notice the same pattern.

Enthusiasm and spirit.
Motivation and vision.
Believing in themselves and others.
Efficiency and Effectiveness.
Trust and support.

And to be honest with you, this is something you need as well. Following your goals in life? Not the easiest of things to do.

At the beginning, the people will not understand. They think that you are mentally unstable, that you must have lost your mind. But after a while, at least that is changing. They figure out that indeed you have lost your mind. They had no clue that you would be that “stupid”. “How can someone waste his or her time with this, or that?”

Writing my daily blog is the perfect example. Do people take it serious? Do people want to find out what I am doing? Not really! Why? A good question?

Sure, the English language is at least holding back most of my friends and relatives from Germany, but besides that, people do not really get the point of having a blog.

Having a blog is like being an entrepreneur. You have a clear vision in mind and make it become a reality.

You work continuously on this thing and try to make it better. You invest a lot of time, effort and sometimes even money. But is it worth the time? Is this thing really getting you anywhere? I mean, you personally know the answer to that. But what about all the others?

Entrepreneurship means having a dream and making it become a reality. But sometimes, people do not really know what they want. They think that they understand the world as it is and the moment someone comes their way, telling them that different, they will instantly defame the person on the spot.

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.

Henry Ford

Maybe people are not yet ready for this thing you have in mind. Maybe they need some more time.

But following your dreams doesn’t mean to wait for them. Following your dreams means to get all in with everything you have and make this thing a success story. The difference between you and the others? There is only one, you are responsible for yourself, but not for the others.

When I tell people about my Porsche purchase in the future, they are all a little bit too skeptical about that, at least for my taste. Do they stand behind me and support me with all the positive energy? Or do they rather throw stones into my way? Keeping a positive mindset over a longer period of time, not the easiest of tasks when hearing people complaining all the time.

People are interested in money, that is for sure! In fame, in success stories. But supporting people that are not yet successful? This is not really what people do.

Following your dreams is a lonely quest.

How often do I sit here, writing my daily blog posts and totally forget about the reason for doing it? How often do I doubt the ideas I have, the dreams I have, the vision I have for the future?

Will I give up? Will I stop midway? Do I care? No! I don’t! If I would ask people what they want, they would tell me “Not another blog”. Sure, who needs that? Who has the time for doing this? But that this is also a chance for me to move on in life? People do not understand. The book I write, it would never look the same without having invested so much of my time with this blog project right here.

One thing is leading to the other. In the end, you do not know if you are moving on the right path or not. But if you keep on walking, everything will be fine!

Follow your dreams, it will be worth it!

See you next time!

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