#374 Learning – S2 E4 – Studying at University – Projects

With my current semester ending anytime soon, all of my projects need to be finished in time. This semester for the first time ever, I focused on projects to 100%. Meaning that I have preferred projects instead of the classical lecture kind of thing I had in the past.

Was it a good decision to do it like that?

Actually yes, it was a good decision. Sure, I had no clue that corona thing would hit the world so hard. But I chose my subjects primarily because of the topics and not because of the time the lecture takes place, the reputation of the professor, or the kind of exam or test that is waiting for me at the end of the semester. Sure, with doing 100% projects, at least the time in lectures is very limited.

What you should know about doing this!

Time investment

First of all, I guess it is not the easiest of ways through life, therefore, if you are interested in getting through all of that with the least amount of effort, please, do not chose projects. Sure, you do not need to write an exam at the end of the day and therefore feel a bit less pressure during the semester, but the time investment for the subjects will be at least double the time, if not even higher.

Group mates

If you pick the wrong group mates, well, you are fuxxxx! As easy as that! If you do not have a real teamspirit and can not build up a trustworthy relationship, well, this thing will not have a happy end. You will struggle more with yourself and the team than with the project itself.

Time Schedule

With having the deadlines at the end of the semester somewhere down the road in 3 months, students enjoy to procrastinate quite a lot. Sure, it’s a lot of time you still have left and sure you can do it whenever you want. But doing all the projects at the end? This will not be possible! Therefore, you need to have a time schedule and more importantly act upon it accordingly. Therefore, if you are not able to fight your procrastination instincts, better do not do too many projects in a single semester.


The key to success? Communication. Most of the time people think that they are good team players. But in reality, they are not. What you need is a honest way of communicating in which you really tell the others what is going on in the project right now and not just talk about anything else.

Working together in perfect harmony, that is what you need.

But sure, with the corona thing happening all over the world these days, it may looked a bit different than it would have been looking otherwise. You can’t physically meet, you can not attend lectures at university, or talk about the project with the professors without using a communication software.

That this isn’t a problem in the 21th century anymore should be the case, but well, in reality it might look a little bit different. The universities were not really prepared, were they? Not really!

I guess in the end, doing projects is a great thing. Of course you need to invest more time compared to the classical lecture thing and really need to dive deep into a topic, but in the end you will learn much more than you would have learned otherwise.

See you next time!

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