#375 Waiting, waiting, waiting – my thoughts while waiting…

Oh god, they can’t be serious. What the hell? Yesterday I was supposed to have a presentation online. Well, the professor decided to play a little lottery game with us, picking the next team out of the blue in order to make us listening to all the presentations. Sure, my team wasn’t picked, so now we need to wait until Thursday…

As we could figure out quite soon, the most of the teams have decided to chose the easy way through the semester, writing less pages but therefore presenting much longer. Which resulted in what? Exactly! In endless presentations.

Sometimes even longer than an hour but with nothing to say.

Was this a waste of time? Yes it was! But the funny thing about it, it was about “Lean Management”, which basically has the goal to avoid wasting time after all. What the hell? Not even the lecture about the topic is acting upon the rules? This world seems to be so wrong.

How are students supposed to learn something in a lecture, if the lecture itself doesn’t respect the rules and methods it wants to teach…

And today? Well, it will not be better. We are the last presentation for today, meaning that I need to wait for more than six hours now. Sitting in the call and listening to the presentations. Sure, I write my blog right now for tomorrow and do not really listen to what they are saying, but what are they even expecting!? Come on! I am getting more nervous minute by minute and it seems like I will forget anything I want to say after hearing all of these other presentations. Is this a total waste of time? I guess not totally, but I can imagine better things to do instead of this.

Nobody is listening to these presentations anyways.

Why can’t you simply show up whenever you have the presentation and just do it? I don’t get it!

So what will I do? Really listening to the presentations? I don’t know. At least they seem to be a bit better compared to the presentations yesterday. Sure, it is always interesting to listen to other people presenting something, especially if a lot of people have not properly learned how to do this. But I guess, there is no proper way how to present something anyways, is it? I mean, it always depends.

Is there a proper way how to present something? An interesting question. Sure, you can always do things wrong, but what is the correct way? Well, I guess most of the people out there do not even care about this. They just do whatever they think is the right thing to do and that is it. The end of their thought process.

Oh god, what am I even talking about? Listening to a presentation and writing a blog post at the same time? I guess not the best idea in the world. I can hardly keep the focus and hold on to my thoughts. Is this even worth sharing?

Oh god, why am I so nervous? There is no reason to. I know how to present. I know the topic quite well. I have prepared myself well. But still, I kind of lose the control again. Mhh, I should really tackle these issues in my life! Why am I still getting so nervous?

“Practice it a thousand times and you will get over it!” Thank you for the tip, bro! But it is not working, man! I have done quite a lot of presentations and stuff. I was even doing factory tours at my old company with 50 people and more. But no, no, no! This thing is not getting any better.

Sure, I know that there is no reason to feel that and sure, the moment I start with the presentation all the symptoms are gone. But until that point, my body is still pretty much freaking out.

Was the waiting time too long for me today? I guess so. Sitting there and constantly trying to fight against the urge to freak out, sure, a good training, but I guess I have lost the fight in the end…

But anyways, I guess, I just need to blend it out. Easier said than done, right?

Have I already mentioned that I hate waiting? Sure, nobody would say that they enjoy the process of waiting, but that is not what I mean. I am talking about the fact, that I am currently wasting a lot of time.

Time I could spend with other things, better things. I can’t stand it, I can’t waste time. But I guess, I need to do this. I guess, I need to learn how to waste time.

Sooner or later this will make me old and tired. But simply relaxing and doing nothing? So unbelievable hard! Does someone have some tips how to do this properly? Please let me know!

Well, I guess I will really end up listening to the presentations. Sure, there might be some interesting topics in between, but let’s see! Wish you a great day!

See you next time!

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