#376 Project W (Double you) – S3 E5 – Start with yourself

Would you say that you are a master of analyzing other people? Understanding exactly who they are and how to interact with them in order to get the best out of every situation?

At least I know a lot of people that claim to be able to do like this, including myself. But if we are really that good at it, well, why don’t we analyze ourself and figure out who we are and how others perceive us?

Yesterday I got a lot of time to think. Time I couldn’t spend otherwise. But it made me curious. How is it possible that I am 25 years of age already, but hardly know myself? Sure, in life we tend to do not have the time, or lets rather go with “take” the time to think about things like this.

But what do you think? Would you have a benefit from knowing yourself better?

Familiarity gives me strengths.

It doesn’t matter if you are sitting in a race car, need to present a topic in front of other people or work on a project. The moment you are familiar with the environment, the people, the products and process, everything becomes suddenly so much easier. You know where you need to go. You know when you need to do what. Life is just better that way.

But imagine what would happen if all of that is suddenly not important anymore? What if the only thing you need to be familiar with is yourself? What if that is already enough in order to go through the hardest of challenges in life?

I mean, I don’t know it for sure, but let’s make a test and find that out.

It can not be that difficult, right? Someone may just spend a bit more time with oneself? Well, mhmm, I guess that’s the part where it’s getting difficult already. I mean, sure, I have spent pretty much the last 25 years with myself. I was always there, kind of. Always thinking, always controlling, always doing something. But how can I really dive deep into all of this? How can I break down the routines and get a glimpse of the inside?

Meditation? Mindfullness? I guess this is worth a try. Let’s see if I can manage to improve this in the future.

This week, I needed to do my presentations for most of my projects in the current semester. Do I like the process of presenting something? Actually, yes! I do! But what I don’t like is the lack of control over my body, the mindset and the emotions. I still get nervous, I still get pretty much distracted. Do other people notice that? Do they see it? Can they hear it in the tone of my voice?

This is something I should definitely spend more time with. I mean, come on! If this isn’t important in life, what is more important than this?

But let’s see. One step at a time! I will give you an update!

See you next time!

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