#377 Meditation 4.0 – S3 E3 – What to do with worrying thoughts?

I guess pretty much everyone has already experienced the overwhelming strength of worrying thoughts. You might be in difficulties, have made a mistake or freaking out about something that is going on in your life.

Sure, we could say that things just happen in life! Deal with it!” But what if the “dealing” with it, is in fact not that easy after all? What if we stop to think clearly and forget about everything else? We are losing ourself in the endless thoughts inside our heads.

You have a deadline for a project coming up. You have checked everything at least ten thousand times and uploaded the document. Happily you put your computer away, do something else, but suddenly these thoughts are coming up. Have you signed the document? In panic you sprint back to your computer and check it!

Of course you signed the document! And the funny thing about it is of course that you knew that you have signed it! But you couldn’t resist! You needed to double check it!

You leave the kitchen with your food and do what? Go back and check if you switched off the oven. Of course you switched it off, but you started to worry and now need to double check!

Did you experience similar situations in your life as well? I have them quite regularly, especially while studying at university. But how can we deal with them?

How can we keep a cool head and fight the urge to double check everything or ending up in the endless thought process of worrying and doubting our own abilities?

In situations like this, I can’t resist the urge to freak out. I go back to my car and check if the doors are locked, I make a picture of the signed documents in my hand before sending them away. But this can hardly be the solution! Come on! There must be a different way!

Having a moment like this recently, I tried to stay focused and cool. I tried to keep ahead of the worries and started to think rational again. Is it really possible that I did not sign the document? Really? Think and try to remember! Of course you signed it. You used the blue pen in the living room. Yes, the one that is not the best anyways. Why are you doubting yourself? Are you an idiot?

Of course we are no idiots, or at least not all of us. But these situations make us look like idiots… that’s for sure!

Thoughts just occur. You can hardly stop thinking. But worrying too much? Not the best idea in the world. In my life, I definitely worry too much. I sometimes even create problems in my head that are not even very realistic to occur to me in real life. But well, what can we do?

Simply stop worrying? Not allowing these thoughts to enter our minds? Meditation should help us with that. But how?

With the end of my semester coming up these days, I realized one thing I have been doing wrong all those last four years. I was worrying too much about university. In the end, no one cares. The stress, the effort, the panic? Was it all worth the experience?

I should have enjoyed the time more? I better should have studied less? Not necessarily, but I definitely would have enjoyed the time more, had I changed my mindset a bit.

What I need is to calm the fuck down. I need to slow down my life. I need to give myself some rest. I need to get back to the ground.

Worrying too much, not the best idea in the world, but a solution for that? Well, I don’t have one right now. I guess, I will just try to worry less.

See you next time!

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