#388 Meditation 4.0 – S3 E4 – Alternatives to the classical meditation practice?

Sure, we all know that we should meditate more from time to time. But come on! It is so boring! I don’t want to!

Are there alternatives to the classical meditation practice? Can we avoid the need to sit around for ages without having any kind of benefit from this?

For me personally, meditating is the hardest of things I can imagine. Just sitting around and doing nothing? Free my mind? Stopping the thought process in my head?

Ahh… well, not today! Maybe tomorrow!

But we all know where this is leading us towards. Spoiler alert! You will not become the greatest illuminated and floating buddhist monk the world has ever seen. In fact, you will not even getting close.

But what if we have this need in life to get our brain back under control? Is there an alternative? A life hack? A short cut?

Come on! There needs to be something!

  1. Distraction

Can you focus on this one particular thing for a longer period of time? Or does your mind goes crazy all the time? Jumping through the topics like a frog on cocaine? What people love are distractions. They come home from work late in the evening, switch on the TV and let the magic does it work. A movie, a TV series, some funny animal videos on YouTube. Whatever it is, at least it’s distracting you, right? And thank god, it is working all the time!

You have this deadline coming up? This presentation or this project you need to do and you can’t think about something else? Well, why don’t you distract yourself with something else for a while. Does it work? Yes, but only temporarily. The moment the distraction thing is over, your mind goes back into this good old crazy worrying thing it is doing all day long.

Distraction? It’s not working for long!

2. Using all of your brain activities for something else?

The idea might be really simple. You are thinking about this one particular thing all the time. Well, why don’t you give your brain something else to do? Imagine your brain acts like a computer. If the task is hard enough, your brain has no capacities left to think about the other thing.

And in fact, this is working quite good. I, for my part would get behind the wheel of my racing simulator and do some online races. The moment the race is under way, my mind get’s into the racing mode. I am just there, right in the moment! Fighting for a position or trying to constantly drive the same lap times. All those other problems in life? Gone! Disappeared! It is a miracle!

Paired with a good old podcast about some people talking for ages, this is the perfect mixture to calm myself down. I forget all about the world around me and be just there in the present moment!

Sure, one might argue, that this might also be a kind of distraction. But come one, we are not at school any longer! Why don’t we mix things up a little? In the end, the result matters, not the way you got there.

3. Having sex

Sure, this might be also an alternative you should consider. At least, for a couple of minutes, if you know what I am talking about! Does it work? Yes, but only for a the exact moment. Afterwards, everything will be the same as it was before.

4. Being in nature

Having a walk in the near by forest? Laying on the floor and watching the clouds rushing by? This can really have a grounding and calming effect on your mind. Sure, you might still have these worries running around inside your head, but at least they will slow down a little bit. Maybe even having a break for some time after all.

In the end, it isn’t really important what you do, but instead that it is working for you. Stress, panicking, worries. These are all things we experience from time to time. But don’t make the mistake to take them for granted. Because in fact, they can also help you to get back on the ground of reality. Be grateful for what you have and love what you are doing.

Alternatives to the classical meditation practice? There are thousands of ways I can come up with on the spot. Find the thing that is doing the job for you, it will be worth the effort!

See you next time!

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