#389 Racing is life – S4 E5 – The Road into Motorsport – Fitness

Would you describe yourself as being sporty? Would you call yourself an athlete? How often do you do sport on a regular basis? Ho many hours a week?

Racing is just sitting around inside a car and turning the steering wheel from time to time? Well, good luck with that! For all the others, you better get in shape!

Preparing yourself for the real world of motorsport is actually not the easiest of things to do. Why? Because there are so many different things you need to be good at, at the very same time. And to make things even harder, the most of them are standing in contrast to each other. On the one hand you need to be as light weight as possible, on the other you need to have some strong muscles in the arms, the legs, the neck, the back and shoulders. You need to be able to drive for hours without an end, but can not lose your focus. You need to fight against the g-forces, but can not have a firm grip at the steering wheel. You need to be quick in your reactions and movements, but can not tension up your muscles all the time.

I hope that you already see the problem? There are a lot of opposite requirements.

Therefore the ideal practice contains what? Exactly, a mixture of everything!

  • Endurance: Cycling, running, swimming, rowing, boxing, climbing, hiking
  • Strength: Body workout, cross fit, gym, neck exercises, bouldering
  • Reaction: Reaction training, reaction lights, ball catching
  • Flexibility: Stretching
  • Body Center: Balancing exercises, slackline
  • Racing: Driving a race car, simulator practice
  • Stress: Multitasking exercises
  • Mind: Meditation, qigong, tai chi

As you can see, diversification is key! Therefore, it’s never enough to just do a couple of these things whenever you feel like it. What you need is a workout routine that is combining most of these things on a regular basis.

You can simply not afford to miss out on one of these things. Racing is war. Either you are fully prepared, or you better stay at home!

Sure, this is just an overview about the things you need to do and sure, there are still a lot of things missing. But I guess it is a good start for someone who wants to get going in motorsport or has at least the same dream as I have.

But how does these things look like in reality? Can we really implement so many different kind of activities in our busy schedules? With what kind of exercises should we beginn with? When should we do them and how often?

Questions we can’t answer on a general basis! It always depends on your current fitness level, the experience you already have with all or some of these things and of course where you want to go. Preparing for the formula one is much harder compared to some local slaloms or hill climb events.

Are you interested in these kind of things? Should we talk about sport and fitness here on the blog in more detail? Please let me know!

See you next time!

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