#390 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S2 E10 – The courage for a new start

Walking through this world with a pair of wide open eyes, we can notice much more than our eyes can ever perceive.

During the last four years I was a part of a formula student race team. A bunch of students work together as a team and build a race car in order to compete against other universities worldwide. Sounds like a lot of fun, and actually it is a lot of fun.

Well, besides the fact, that this team is slowly perishing. The team has not reacted to clear signals that something must be wrong. They simply moved on. Doing the same mistakes again and again.

I sometimes ask myself what hurts more, the fact, that I see this thing driving against the wall, or the fact, that I have noticed it before, but didn’t change it.

People are getting used to everything. At least it seems like that. They adopt the behavioral pattern of others. They become the same jerks, the same idiots, the same small minded cunts.

Sure, nobody says that it will be easy, but doing the same mistakes again? Come on guys, what is wrong with you. You can’t be serious.

A race team has always this one particular goal in mind! Winning every competition they enter! Sure! Otherwise, they can also stay at home! But each and every individual of that team might also have personal goals. Becoming the team lead, the driver, or whatever it is.

With this bespoken team, the main goal is not really the thing that matters. Why? Very simple, because there is no real team. Instead of working together in harmony in order to create a master mind, they fight against each other for their positions. Instead of changing the system as it is, they continue to follow the good old process’s that did not work in the past.

If you ever get the chance to enter such a project while being at university or something like that, please go for it! You will learn so much about life, it’s really unbelievable!

But what does it take in order to change the system? Some clever minds? Some good ideas? A nice presentation? No! What it takes is the courage to start changing something.

Honestly, I have reached a point in life, where I simply want to move on. I have my own race team ideas in mind, I write a book, I’m doing my master degree. There is so much else going on in my life. Why should I help them?

People are not willing to change. I have seen this in the past, the present and will see it in the future. Can I change the world? Maybe, but what I can change is what I do in this world. I can surround myself with people that are worth my time. That respect each other and are looking forward to improving something in this world.

In this team, well, sorry to say, but I do not see them changing anything for the better. They lost the control! They lost their faith! They lost their vision for a better future.

What they want is simply to move on, doing the same stuff as the years before. But do I want to be a part of this any longer? It is really tricky! Sure, I told them what they may change. I have written reports and stuff, but in the end, nobody cares! They do what ever they think is the right thing to do.

But why don’t they see this? Why don’t they use the current corona situation and make a fresh restart? Starting all over again and getting together as a team. The car for this season will most likely be able to get used next year again. Therefore, there is no need to develop a new car next season. They should rather invest the time in the team development!

But doing a new start, well, this takes courage! This demands the acceptance, that the past years were wrong. That the team was doing one mistake after the other.

Well, I guess I will continue supporting the team from time to time, but will decrease the time investment. They just don’t get it, they are not willing to change anything.

See you next time!

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