#391 Writing – S1 E3 – It feels good to be back in the game

With my last semester at university getting to an end very soon, there is only one project left until Sunday. Reason enough to finally get back to work and continue writing my book.

Sure, a lot of you guys might ask “where is the big deal with continuing writing this thing during the semester?” and sure, that’s in fact a good question. But the thing is, that I was doing a couple of projects simultaneously and needed to write so much, that well, I wanted to do something else besides writing stuff in my life all the time.

But whatever. If you want to listen to someone complaining about having not enough time, I guess, this isn’t the right blog for you. I have a lot of time, because I spend my time very wisely!

Getting back to work after such a long break without actually working on this project seems to be really useful. You have moved on in life, changed some opinions and have a different perspective on the things you have already written in the past.

Honestly, I couldn’t even remember some of the parts I have written and therefore just started with reading the whole damn thing again. Or lets rather say, the first part. Because, I read my stuff aloud in order to figure out if it sounds good and is still in harmony with each other and therefore, my voice always starts to struggle way before I reach the end of my current project status. But anyways!

With that said, I realized how important it is to reread stuff and asking the right questions.

  • Is this really interesting?
  • What do I even want to say with all of that?
  • With what kind of criticism can someone come up with after reading?
  • Where is this supposed to lead the reader to?
  • What will people need additionally in order to adapt this in their lives?

For the next couple of weeks, my schedule is pretty much empty. Meaning, that I will enjoy some time doing nothing, or at least trying to do so, until I will start to work on this thing more regularly. Getting done with the next step in the project.

Is there a deadline for this thing. No, of course not! It will take the time that it takes. As simply as that. Being a perfectionist when it comes to doing things I really want to do, I don’t want to increase the pressure on myself even further. Therefore, I just start whenever I feel like starting it and stop, the moment I think I should stop and have a break.

By the way, I write a “book writing diary” on the blog as well, therefore, you can always check out my progress or have a look at the history of the book project so far.

You can find the diary here!

Well, what else is there I can tell you today? The weather seems to be nice. I should get outside and enjoy the sunlight. Oh, I forgot, there is this university project still standing in my way. I hope the other guys have done their jobs and uploaded their parts of the report. Let’s see. I wish you a good day!

See you next time!

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