#397 20 minutes writing challenge #35 – A sunny day at the pool?

Stuck in the Middle with you, Stealers Wheel

Internal monolog:

😈: Dude, what is your problem? Honestly! Why can’t you relax today? Why can’t you do just nothing? Come on! Just this one day! It’s not that hard! Others can do it as well! Look! They do it all the time!

😇: Just doing nothing? Na, that is nothing for us. Don’t you remember? There are goals you need to reach! There are tasks waiting for you to get done! You can simply not afford to just do nothing! You will lose an important day on your way towards success.

😈: What the hell are you talking about? The goals can wait! This one day? Come on, you will hardly notice the lost! Look, the weather is so great! The sun is shining! Maybe tomorrow it will rain? You can be productive then!

😇: Don’t you listen to this idiot! Tomorrow will be even better than today! Look at the weather app! Why don’t you work twice as hard today and relax tomorrow? Deal?

😈: Who are you calling an idiot! Shut up! The weather can change from one minute to the other! You don’t want to risk this! Come on! Just get down stairs and do nothing!

😇: You are seeing what he is trying to do with you, right? He is influencing your decision making progress! But I have long understood this strategy! You are not stupid! Come on! You must have realized this as well! Look, the weather is good today, true. But why don’t you go for a bike ride? Afterwards you can maybe swim in the pool and relax five minutes after that? What do you say? Do we have an agreement?

😈: Don’t you dare to speak so badly about me! I don’t want to influence anyone! But honestly, you are influencing him all the time! You think I haven’t noticed this? The situation is very clear. You can do of course whatever you want to do, but isn’t the recovery such an important process in your daily training? I think resting for a complete day might indeed help you to perform better tomorrow! Come on! You must know this!

😇: Ha! Good try! But he is not that stupid! You can give it up! He is already doing his blog! And you know what this means! He will perform well today! He is used to do it everyday! The blog comes first, the other important tasks directly afterwards.

😈: What!? That says nothing! Sure, he needs to do the blog thing. But after that!? This fooling around on the racing simulator? This cycling on the same tracks all the time? Even his workout routine is the same all the time! This must be so boring! But today he can escape this nightmare! Today he can be finally relax at the pool, doing nothing all the time!

😇: Oh, that was a mistake! You can’t possible attack his racing simulator. You lost the battle!

😈: God! Damn it!

😇: See you tomorrow loser! “1825:0” You lose everyday!

👨🏼‍💻: Finally done with the blog thing! Let’s continue to be productive!

See you next time!

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