#396 Racing is life – S4 E6 – The Road into Motorsport – Summer training racing camp

Having a five weeks summer break until I will start working on my master thesis for university in September, I decided to dedicate my time to my motorsport hobby.

But what does that mean exactly? Well, I thought about this on Monday after watching a YouTube video of a racing team preparing for their next race on the weekend and decided to come up with a kind of a summer training racing camp.

But sure, first of all I need to define what I want to do. Having talked about racing from time to time on my blog already, I guess we can summarize this real quick.

  1. Racing

Sure, a summer training racing camp without racing? That is not really possible. But of course, I do not have a race car sitting around somewhere in my garage yet. Therefore, I need to deal with the things that I have. The racing simulator and going on a kart track near by from time to time.

2. Theory of motorsport

The second part of racing is of course the theory behind all of that. Therefore, I will invest a certain amount of my time with reading books about race cars, suspensions and stuff and of course watch onboard videos of professional race car drivers performing on track.

3. Fitness

Your personal fitness is of course another thing you shouldn’t forget about, because racing is war. Therefore, I will of course include this into my summer camp as well.

4. The psychology of racing

But racing also happens in your head. If you can’t focus on this one particular job behind the wheel up to 100% all the time, well, sooner or later you will make mistakes. Therefore, I will also work on this side of racing, because I noticed that I struggle with this a lot.

5. Reflect on my doing

The last part I will focus on is reflecting on my progress. I will rewatch online races, analyze my mistakes and try to figure out how to improve upon my weaknesses.

And that is it, this is all I want to include into the program. But how will I organize it?

Being quite experienced when it comes to doing projects like this, there are of course a lot of things I have already learned through past mistakes. For example, you shouldn’t do a schedule that defines exactly when you need to do what. This is simply not really practical. Sure, others might need the pressure in order to get off the couch. But for me, it’s the complete opposite. I want to be free, or at least like the concept of having no busy schedule in my head. I prefer to do one step after the other instead of constantly thinking and focusing on all the other things I need to do on this special day.

So, how does it look like? Let’s take Monday for an example.

After getting up and writing my daily blog and some lines for my book, I spend 3,5 h on the racing simulator before having a 20 minutes swim in the pool. After reading in the book “Grundkurs Rennwagentechnik”for half an hour, I had an easy 2 hours bike ride with my dad in the evening before going into the pool for my next 20 minutes swim. Late at night I did an one hour workout before finally going to sleep.

Sure, someone might just say that this looks like a normal day for me and in fact, I came up with the idea of the camp only on Monday evening, therefore it was really just a normal day. But I guess the concept is quite clear to you already. I will simply put do more of these things that will help me to move on in my hobby, than I would do otherwise.

I will just try to focus more on what I am actually doing all day long instead of just doing it.

In life, there comes a moment where you need to decide. Do you really want to reach your goals or not? In case you want to, well, you should better get to work! There are a lot of tasks waiting for you to get done. Have a great day!

See you next time!

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