#407 Project W (Double you) – S3 E6 – Familiarity, getting used to things

As mentioned last time around in this series, we were talking about the concept to start getting to know yourself in a better way. To understand what you are afraid of, what triggers your negative mindsets and prevents you from doing all the necessary tasks in your life.

As stated out, it was the familiarity that seemed to be an important part of the equation. But well, what can I say? After testing this in real life for the last couple of weeks, it seems to be indeed a very important thing to have.

It doesn’t matter if I am racing on my simulator, driving in real life or doing an engineering task. Familiarity is always something that gives me strength. When being in a race, I know my brakingpoints better than my opponents. I know the different lines, how to defend my position and how to fight. Does this make me a better driver? Not necessarily, but it helps me in order to become one.

This works like a life hack for online racing.

But in the real world, sure, you do not need to fight for a position all day long. Life offers different challenges and tasks. But when there is one thing I want to state out today, then it is this.

The most of the things we experience in life are never completely unique. They are all somehow familiar to each other.

Sure, this new product idea might be really unique and innovative, but in the end, there is the same standardized development process used in any other project. There are similar tasks to do, materials that need to get tested, drawings that need to get created and prices to be negotiated. Sure, the requirements might be new, but the tasks stay the same.

It seems as if life would only consist out of a couple of elements. Elements you can master once and make them a part of your personality.

If you master them once, you will always profit from this in the future. Someone might just pick one topic at a time and get used to it in such a way, that this new skill can easily be implemented in future tasks and jobs that are about to come.

You might pick something like the topic of “speaking in public” and master this once and for all. Afterwards, you will be able to use it whenever and wherever you want. Sure, you still might be nervous as hell, and sure, you still might freak out a little bit. But in the end, you simply do it because you already figured out that it works.

Familiarity is king

Someone might even go as far as dividing life into its very key components and starts to master them all, one after the other until all basic elements of life have become a part of your portfolio of skills. Well, and after that, life seems to be way more familiar compared to how it already is. Which will make you even more comfortable, dealing with situations life is throwing at you every single day.

Getting used to things? I guess, this is a very important thing to understand in someones life. If you have a look at the way you get stuff taught at university or school, you can easily see a similar approach.

At the beginning, they will always teach you the basics.

Let’s take engineering real quick. You learn something about materials, basic drawing skills, manufacturing techniques, maths, physics and so on. But later on, they will use these very basic components, adding them together in order to get going with things. You may need to design a new product for a particular task that will demand from you a need to combine all the elements you have already learned in the past.

But it doesn’t even stop there, right? If we are honest, we can combine anything in life. Biology with technology, free time activities with the way we handle people at work, and so on.

Life itself might consist out of the combination of very basic skills.

In order to write todays post, I might just use some writing skills. But what are writing skills exactly? In the end, it is just a word that describes the combination of different basic things, like knowing a language, using a keyboard, using our brains and having some imagination. Mastering writing skills? Sounds exhausting, but mastering those other little steps? That sounds like we can actually do it.

Every process, it doesn’t matter how unique and special might just demand the use of many basic things in life.

See you next time!

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