#406 Reaching goals – *Topic week 10* – Day 5 – DREAM ACT SUCCEED

The name of the blog, well, not a coincident if you are asking me. In life, these are the three words that help me to move on.


I have a dream, that one day …
… I will have this and this.
… I will be able to do such and such.
… I will have done this and that.

We all have dreams, ideas, visions for how our life should look like in the future or even today. You want the fear to go away, the pain to move on, your injury to get better soon. You want a different financial situation, doing a particular hobby, get a new job or simply change something. I guess, the possible dreams and hopes someone might have in life are too numerous to mention them all.

But what comes next? What comes after having this dream? You wake up and realize that it was just a dream? Something that wasn’t real? Or will you ignore this fact and make your dreams become a reality?

I can not change your life for you, that’s not possible. But you can change your life! You can start to make things differently. To do this instead of that. To do less of what you have done in the past and more of the things that might help you to move on in life and finally get going into the right direction.


This is neither a new law nor a new play from Shakespeare in the theater. We are talking about this word in the sense of finally doing something and start to make some changes. To make something different, to redirect your thoughts, to focus your energy on specific tasks, to get going with your hopes and dreams in life.


Well, but what comes next? I guess everyone knows the answer to this one already! If you do something, something will be done. Everything has an impact on everything. You start to change something, well, something will be changed. Something will be different, better or worse? We will see. But if you never stop dreaming and acting upon those dreams, well, there is only one outcome possible. Success.

But what does having success really mean? What is success? How can we tell if this is a success story already?

In your life, you are making the rules. You decide if something was successful or not. For some, riding a bicycle for 20 km might be a successful bike tour, for others they need to do at least 100 km to have the very same effect. You are the person that needs to be pleased! You need to look at your situation and say, nice! I did it! This was a success!


It seems to be so easy, it is in fact so easy, why don’t you give it a try? What are you afraid of? What is holding you back?

See you next time!

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