#405 Reaching goals – *Topic week 10* – Day 4 – Just a matter of time

If you truly believe in yourself, reaching your goals will become just a matter of time.

But what makes me so sure about that? In life, there are things we can hardly control. Things that are staying beyond our reach. But is that really important? Is this really a problem in our personal lives?

When it comes to the situation of doing things, I am fed up dealing with unprofessional working methods and negative mindsets. Being in a formula student team for a couple of years, I could see at first hand how to actively make matters worse and turn a bad team into a very bad team. I could see what it means to destroy everything just because people can’t work together. Do I want to have something like this in my life? Well, not really! Therefore, I am currently trying to make things a bit better, little by little, piece by piece. But that means of course that it is getting uncomfortable. People that will try to stand in your way, talk about you behind your back and trying to slow you down. Sure, they do not know it better. They think that the past two years were good, when in fact they were not. They think that you must have lost your mind, because everything seems to be fine.

Situations like this can occur everywhere. In your company at work, in your free time or even within your family. You want to become a race car driver, well, I guess this takes more than just the idea and some money, right? You may need to turn your complete life upside down. Making cutbacks on every field besides your racing career.

But can you do it? Can you withstand the urge to give way? To disagree with the general opinion? To follow your dreams, vision and goals in life?

Kites rise highest against the wind – not with it.

Winston Churchill

Or do you give by. Do not say anything and just watch this thing hitting the wall, again and again. Each time destroying a little bit more of what was left?

In life, people think that they can’t. That there are things going on in life beyond their reach. That they can hardly change anything to make the situation better. But that is just not true. It’s always your action that can have an impact on everything. From the smallest of problems to the most difficult one you need to face right now.

Reaching your goals? This is something you can always do! But only, if you are willing to start your journey and push through until the very end. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. Every single day is another chance to make things better. To become a little bit better than we were before. Just a little bit, come on, you can do that!

People will stand in your way, that is for sure, but that doesn’t really matter. You can hardly please everyone. There will always be people that will stand in your way, that will envy you for what you have, for what you do, for the way how you go through life.

But you shouldn’t allow them to stop you from keep on going. You need to ignore them, you need to focus on your tasks at hand and not allow them to enter your mind. And then, well, reaching your goals becomes just a matter of time. Focus your energy on today and make the best out of it.

See you next time!

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