#409 Racing is life – S4 E7 – The Road into Motorsport – Step by step

That the road into motorsport might be long, hard and expensive should be clear to everyone already. But is it really just about that? Or is there also a different side?

Sure, you will see yourself getting better, on track and off track. You will move forward in life, literally in a race car but also in other fields. You will get to know yourself, understand how you react to pressure, fear, anger, setbacks and losing but of course also to winning, celebrating and reaching goals. But it doesn’t even stop there, just imagine all the experiences you will have, the people you will meet, the stories you will be able to tell. Sure, the road into motorsport might be long, but it is also a lot of fun!

Step by step. One foot after the other. That’s how you go through a process. It doesn’t matter what is going on around you, if you focus on your step by step guide, well, what could possibly go wrong? Like an airplane pilot that has lost a jet engine, you should go through your checklist and make sure to tick all the boxes.

Photo by Sheila on Pexels.com

Sounds good! Where can I download this checklist?

I guess, that’s where the thing starts to get messy. There is non! Sure, someone might try to create such a thing, but in the end, not every airplane has the same checklist, right? Each airplane type has other functions, control units and stuff. And that’s basically the same here. Sure, if you want to get settled in the F1, you definitely need to go the usual way (karting, F4, F3, F2, F1) but we are not talking about this type of career. Sure, we want to go racing, but this is not our main job. This is a hobby, something we do in our free time. And for that, we need a different approach, therefore a different checklist.

But it doesn’t even stop there. In racing, the driver is an important key factor. You need to make this car go quick, do you remember? Therefore, we need to work on ourselves. We need to become better in racing, sure, but there are also other fields we need to focus on.

Financing this project, time managements, fitness, organizing and many more. Depending on your current level of experience, you might tick other boxes already. Maybe you handle pressure quite good and do not need to work on this kind of skill, while others might have a lack of fitness, or discipline or whatever.

Sure, we have the same dream and goal in mind, but the way how we get there might be different.

Step by step is the right approach, don’t get me wrong on this. But nobody can tell you all the steps you can possibly take, or even need to take. Sure, you can have a look at other people and figure out what they have been doing / still do and adapt their strategy accordingly, but this will never be a guarantee for succeeding in the end.

The journey might be long, hard and expensive, but it will lead you somewhere. Misery or success? Well, I guess that’s something you can control. How much do you really want this thing to get going? Will you give everything you can, every single day? Or leave this thing somewhere in the back of your head as a backup for when you will have a bit more time somewhere in the future?

The right age to get going in motorsport?

This is your current age! The time is now! Start! What are you afraid off? Losing your life? Losing your money? Losing friends and family? In life, you will lose all these things anyways. The latest, the moment you die. Therefore, why are you still sitting here reading this thing? You could already do some sport, go on your racing simulator or watch onboard videos. You could analyze the races that took place on the past weekend, you could have a look at your financial situation or do something else you think might be important for you in order to get going.

I can’t tell you how your future will look like, but you are the one that is creating it. Every decision you take, every move you make, this will all lead you somewhere. Day by day, hour by hour, step by step …

See you next time!

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