#410 Hot summer day thoughts

The weather in the last couple of days, exceptionally good. Oh, wait! I am a German! I can’t say something like this! Sorry, my bad! Of course it wasn’t good, in fact, it was horrible, terrible, really really bad! It was way too hot. 32 degrees Celsius in the shadows and more. It was the living hell! Bad weather! Bad weather! STOP THIS HEAT!

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Germans always complain about the weather. It’s too cold, too hot, too windy, too dusty too whatever. This is just in our nature. But to be honest, it’s really hot these days. 32 degrees in the shadows … nothing my body can easily deal with. For me, even 25 degrees Celsius seem to be too much. But sure, I can not change the weather and actually I don’t want to. I am just adapting my life accordingly. Going for my bike rides early on in the morning, avoiding being in the sun and drinking a lot of water.

But sure, it’s also a good thing. In race cars, you usually have a high temperature inside. At least if they do not have a climate control system. Now, my simulator sessions seem to be even more realistic. I am sweating like hell with my gloves and can not even open a window.

But I don’t want to complain. It’s my holiday for Christs sake! I could relax at the pool all day long. Read a good book or two and just do nothing. Sure, this is not really what I do, but hey, the weather seems to be kind to all the others who actually want to relax more.

What do you think? Should I stop writing this thing and go back into the pool? Just doing nothing productive today? Well, doing nothing is the hardest thing for me. I feel like wasting my time, not moving forward with my goals and just staying at the same level, or even worse, going backwards.

But on the other side, doing nothing might be a good thing as well. I need to learn this anyways, right? This is something I am missing out on in my life these days. Just doing nothing? Forgetting about my goals for a while and just relax? This might sound like a good idea!

Mhh, well, maybe tomorrow? Haha, just kidding of course. I will read a bit, is that ok? That’s kind of the middle between doing something productive and relaxing, isn’t it? Well, whatever, I will just pretend that it is similar to doing nothing and continue the book I currently read. Or should I really try to do nothing? Well, there is so much stuff going on. Maybe I should start with doing nothing for a certain amount of time. Let’s say three hours? I should be able to do that, right? Let’s see!

I wish you a great day under the sun!

See you next time!

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