#411 Learning – S2 E6 – Studying at University – How to study from home

Structure, discipline, a routine.

Studying from home works exactly like studying at university. If you were lazy before, you will be lazy at home as well. If you were the nerd in the first row before, you will stay the nerd at home as well. But studying at home means more than just that. It gives you an opportunity!

That I do not really like the way our educational system is organized is not a secret anymore. It’s just not really effective. I had 8 years of English at school, but in the end couldn’t speak the language. Eight years for nothing? It seems like that. With English, I started all over again, teaching it to myself in a year and a half.

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With this current situation in the world, #COVID19, it seems like this is the perfect chance for you to get more out of the equation. You do not need to sit around in lectures all day long, listening to an unmotivated lecturer talking about something that is hardly up to date and has not much relevance to the real world around you anyways. Instead, you can consume the information in the way that works best for you. Listening to the professor talking might work for some, but definitely not for all. Some need to write it, or to see it, or feel it, or have a combination of all these things. And that’s where the current situation offers you a big advantage!

That students have a lot of free time is of course no longer just a rumor, at least if they do not work besides the semester. But with the current corona thing happening all over the place, this “free time” will get even increased. Good for the party people, right? But good for the nerds and wannabe nerds as well. With no physical attendance at university, you do not need to go or drive there, wait for hours until the next lecture starts and do not have any kind of boring lectures anymore. But instead, you can listen to the audio files when doing sport, or being in nature. You can implement a studying routine in your day and not the other way around.

Ok, well, it looks like this is a great chance. But will you take it? Will you use the time for doing something productive? Or will you relax more, sleep longer and do in the end even less?

How to study from home?

Create a schedule for the semester

Which deadline is when, which physical meetings do you have? When are the exams? Just write them down in an old fashioned calendar or use your phone. And now? Well, you should schedule some work sessions where you will actually do your stuff for university. Like listening to the audio lectures, having online meetings or whatever.

Start with the hardest tasks.

Sure, it’s always easier to do the things that you really like to do and that might be not too hard anyways. But that behavior is not really getting you anywhere, right? Instead, you should always start with the hardest tasks. The stuff that you don’t like to do. The things that annoy you every time. Make sure that you always start with these things first, you can do the easier and more fun tasks later on when your motivation, focus and level of concentration will be gone.

Have effective breaks!

Skipping the breaks? Oh! NO! I wouldn’t recommend this! Everyone needs to recover, to get some rest before continuing the hard work that we do, sure. Even though the stuff you are doing doesn’t seem to be so hard, you will still need a break. Therefore, get some rest, but do it in an effective way. What you need is the skill to switch off for a while. We should talk about this separately.

Just do something productive before rewarding yourself.

Have you ever watched how dogs are getting trained? Well, why don’t you do the same with yourself? You need to condition yourself in such a way, that you are getting used to doing stuff. This will not even boost your performance at university, but also in various other parts of life.

Time management

Look at your daily life like a controlling department at a company would check their various employees. How productive is your working method? Is the outcome satisfying? Do you reach your goals? Nobody said that you shouldn’t have a personal life any longer. But you should be able to manage your time, dude! It will not work otherwise.

Do something every day

As strange as this might sound, but if you have a habit to do something for university every single day, well, you will just do something every single day. And god, this helps to actually do stuff! Three hours a day, sure, not that much. But added to each other, in fact, a lot of time!


Sure, today might not be the right day to start and tomorrow is this party you are going to, or the event that takes place in your town. Well, we all know how it goes. Just don’t do it! Don’t fool yourself. Just say, hey, I am going to this event tonight, not matter what. But this is not procrastination, I will work four hours straight before going there.

I guess, that’s it for the start. Just get some more structure into your life and you will see, you will get better. Day by day, step by step.

See you next time!

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