#412 The Never Ending Quest For The Truths – Conspiracy Theories In COVID19 Times

From the seeking of the holy grail to more recent actions, people are always looking for the truth.

Watching the news in Germany recently, which I haven’t done on purpose in a while, I realized how many people there are actually believing in conspiracy theories that are rushing through the internet these days in Germany.

They meet up in parks and public places to demonstrate against wearing masks and stuff like this. Claiming that the COVID19 virus isn’t that dangerous after all and that they are no longer living in freedom because of wearing the masks and stuff like keeping the distance to each other.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Sure, someone might look at them and laugh about the fact how stupid someone might be, but I wouldn’t suggest people to actually do that. Sure, if someone really dives deep into these conspiracy theories, you might in fact question the ability of some of them to clearly think, but that’s not the point of todays post.

The big questions might just be: How can theories like this even exist in this modern age? And more importantly, why are they actually getting spread all over the place?

Being an outside the box thinker myself, I know exactly how they feel. I mean, look at me. I write this daily blog about reaching my goals, becoming a race car driver and getting my first Porsche. People who read this might in fact think that I must have lost any contact to the ground already. That what I am currently doing is not that realistic after all. And sure, the most of them will stand in my way, declaring that I might have lost the sense for reality after all.

But the moment you have a look into the history books, you will instantly see what other people are doing with those, who question the system. People that believe in something else, for example that the earth might be round after all, or that there is a financial crash coming in 2008.

When I look at these people protesting against wearing the masks, I do not see stupid people. I do not see idiots that might have lost any sense for what is really going on in this world around us. I see people that are questioning the system. They have understood that something isn’t right in the equation. That there is something going on, that other people for a fact, do not and will never understand.

Someone might even say, that they are on a good way! Figuring out that there is something wrong in this world! And in fact, there is a lot going very wrong.

But the thing is, the moment you are standing at this point in life, there is just nothing around you that will make any sense any longer. Who should you trust? What might be right or wrong? What should you do in order to make things better?

People that are in these situations in life are like little babies. They seek for the ultimate truth, they want a leader, someone who can tell them what might be right and what might be wrong. But there seems to be no-one who really knows what is going on.

And then, well, most of them can’t stand the truth any longer. The truth is, there is no truths! Nobody can tell you if the things you are currently doing are the right things to do or not! I repeat! NOBODY! Not the government, not the doctors, not the self declared leaders of new world orders, or secret societies or whatever people can come up with these days.

Summary about these people so far. Well, they were there. Right at the place where it all begins. Where you can actually change the system, your life, the world around you. The moment you realize that everything around you is just an illusion by itself, you can finally move on into the next level.

But wait a minute, look, they can’t stand the truth. What? They are going back? Why?

Because being there hurts, in fact, it hurts a lot. You see all of the things that are going wrong in this world. All the problems, the fear, the way people treat each other. But you, you can hardly change the system. You can hardly do anything to make it stop. You are losing your reasons in life. The things you believed in all those years are making no sense any longer. Aimlessly, alone, frightened. There is nobody you can talk to, nobody that will understand you, nobody that might give you a little bit of support here and there whenever you need it.

Life is just cold, dark and empty.

But wait a second! Look! There is hope! Look what they are holding in their hands! The truth! They have the truth! People drift up into these endless loops of going over the same things again and again. Chemtrails, the mask lie, stay at home, or what ever it is.

People don’t want to stay in this kind of an empty, cold and depressive nirvana. They want to know what is right or wrong. They want someone who can guide them through these difficult times. They want someone who understands them. Who shares there thoughts, ideas and fears. Therefore, what do they do? Do they stay open minded and keeping it cool? Or do they freak out a little bit and want to be back in their old life?

In life, each and everyone of us is his or her own judge of what is going on around us. We agree on the materials and documents that will be used in court. We say what is right or wrong! And once we have said that, it must be the truths!

People that actually believe in something that might sound strange at first sight, are they crazy? Are they mentally ill? Are they stupid? No! Of course not, they simply realized that these things seem to be the missing puzzle pieces they are lacking in order to completely understand how this world really works. From the one moment to the other, everything seems to make sense. Not to everyone else, but to them. They think that this is the truths!

“Bill Gates might control this, sure, he is the dude with the money, makes sense! Chemtrails that control the weather! A secret society that controls the world, the media, the press, everything is just fake. They control us, they must do that!”

Sure, why not! We are all brainwashing ourselves. Look at my life for example. I get up in the morning and do what? My whole life is build up on things that I might think are the right things to do, but for others, this might not make any sense after all. I look at my Porsche scale car collection like a priest might look at the altar in church. I reset my mindset everyday and tell myself that everything is possible! I believe in the law of attraction, ordering stuff from the universe! This might sound crazy to you, right? And in fact, maybe it is. I don’t know if this is the right thing to do or not. I just do it because I it works, even though that I do not know what might be right or wrong in life.

My todays plea?

1. Think!

Is this really what is going on? Why am I doing what I do? Who am I? Who knows the truth? Is there a truths? What if there is no truth?

2. Understand that there is no truth!

In life there is no truths, period! Everyone who claims otherwise is a fool! Nobody can tell you if your behavior is the right thing to do or not. Sure, you have this believe system that tells you what might be right or wrong, but without actually knowing what is right or wrong you will never know the truth!

3. Understand that the system controls itself and is not controlled by someone!

Why do people always think that there is a secret society somewhere out there that is controlling the world? Just look at the company you are currently working for. They can not even manage the hand full of employees you got or the little product range they are selling. How should someone be able to control the complete world? That doesn’t seem to be possible! And in fact, if there is really such a thing, why can you still change the world? Wouldn’t they just make you or your leader perish? Puffff and you are gone? As long as you can say whatever you want to say, you live in freedom. Look at other countries in this world, like north Korea and tell me if that is what is going on here or not!

Greetings to north Korea by the way, but I guess you guys can’t read the stuff I write! At least I never had a reader from this part of the world. Well, maybe in another life.

You see, this is a lack of freedom! But in Germany and many other countries in this world, everything is more than just fine!

4. Act according to your believe system!

You believe in chemtrails? Right! Why don’t you stop using airplanes all together. You don’t want to wear a mask? Why don’t you avoid going into places where you need to wear them. If there is a speed limit and you drive too fast, you get a speeding ticket. If this speed limit makes any sense or not? Nobody cares. You know the rules, you didn’t act upon them, well, that’s what you get. But nobody says that you need to drive slow all the time. You can drive as fast as you want on a derestricted Autobahn sections, or in other places, where the law allows you to do so. Just avoid going into places where you need to wear the masks and that’s it. You don’t need to yell in the streets, there is no point in doing this. Use your energy for something more productive, write a book, found a company, actually help other people.

5. Believe in what you want to believe in, but allow others to do the very same thing.

If your believe system is the right one or not, nobody can tell. Therefore, believe in whatever you want to believe in, but allow others to do the very same thing.

6. If you want to live in a society, accept the rules the society has.

Living in Germany, believe it or not, but we have rules here. The moment you do something that is against the rules, it will declared as “illegal” by law, and you can get a punishment for that! But nobody said that you need to live here. If your government, you voted, makes a rule that says, wear your fucking mask when going into a shop, why don’t you do it? If you think that this is killing your sense of freedom, think carefully about what you are currently doing. Each and everyone in our society agreed upon the rules we have. Sure, the mask might hinder you in your day to day life, but why don’t you think about other people? People that might die from this because of their health issues they already have. Is freedom really just about you and what you want? If you think that this is the right thing to do, why don’t you leave the country and go somewhere else? Somewhere, where nobody demands from you to wear a fucking mask these days. As easy as that. But the moment you want to live here, well, deal with it.

Life is like motorsport. There are rules that are building the basis. Your job is to find your way in accordance with these rules in order to get the outcome you want. And that’s it! You can do whatever you want as long as you act upon the rules. What if the rules are wrong? Well, nobody said that you can’t get a lawyer and sue your government or that particular rule. That’s the good thing when living in a country like Germany! Sure, you can yell all the time and say that it’s not your fault that your life is like it is today. But in the end, you are responsible for your own life. You decided what to do with it and not somebody else.

The truth is, there is no truths. Deal with it and act upon the rules!

See you next time!

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