#413 Goodbye Coburg

As some of you might already know, I am currently doing my master in mechanical engineering in Coburg. Well, with two semesters “at” university being already over, at least on paper (#corona), there is only my master thesis left, which I will write at a company back at home where my parents live. Therefore, I have officially moved back into my parents house, even though I have spent the last half year here due to corona anyways.

In the following you can see some impressions of my small apartment in the student dorm. Sure, it was just a little apartment with all the necessary things you need, a kitchen, a bathroom, a bed, a desk, a desk-chair and a wardrobe, but in fact it was really good looking and well build.

Being in Coburg for the hand-over of the keys and stuff anyways, we used the time and visited the city center and the local castle called (Veste). In the following I want to share some impressions with you from the little city tour we have made. I mean, ok, it was neither a tour nor something similar to this. I’m just not the city visiting type of a person. Strolling through the city center? No, thanks! I would rather do something productive. But well, sometimes we need to do stuff even though we do not really like doing them, right?

Town hall of Coburg
Ehrenburg Palace

And from there, you can walk up the hill through the Hofgarten until you will eventually reach the top of the little hill where you can find the castle called Veste Coburg.

Is the castle worth a visit? Well, you better do not ask me. Sure, you have a nice view from the top of the hill but is the view really worth the effort? I am not so sure about this. At least the castle entry is free and you can sit there somewhere on a park bench and gather your thoughts.

During my time living in Coburg for my first master semester I was in town only two times. Sure, I drove back home on the weekends and therefore didn’t really had much time, but as I have mentioned already, I simply do not need this city center flair. I don’t particularly enjoy going shopping or wasting my time in crowded places. But nevertheless, Coburg is a nice little town in the northern part of Bavaria where you will nearly find everything you need. Sure, they do not have a Porsche center, but well, you can’t have anything, right?

And I guess that’s already it. I mean, if you are interested in seeing more of the city, why don’t you use google maps and check it out. I guess the pictures over there are many times better than whatever I can present you here today.

See you next time!

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