#418 Behind The Blog – S1 E2 – The Life-Coaching fail

Failing is a good thing, right? At least that is what the experts are telling us all the time. You fail and fail and fail. Well, and after some couple of times failing you might get something out of the equation that will be better, sometimes even actually useful. For example, a light bulb. The infamous light bulb story from Thomas A. Edison, who hasn’t heard about that one?!

I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Thomas A. Edison

Well, while listening to him saying this might give the whole damn thing the next level of credibility, we all know that it is the truths. Even though the truths might hurt and god, it hurts!

Can someone remember my attempt to establish a “Life-Coaching” program here on this blog some couple of month back in time? Well, what were I thinking? That someone would google “Life-Coaching” and would find my website? That someone would write me a message and asking for help? That in fact I would start building up such a program and work with clients around the globe on a regular basis? God! Either I must be that naive, stupid and confuse, or I must have lost every sense for the real world out there. Who wants to get a “Life-Coaching” from a nobody? A coach that is not posting “Look at my awesome life” pictures on social media sites, stupid motivational quotes or playing the twitter, instagram or Facebook game like a pro? A coach that has not much experience in doing this yet and probably will take a lot of time until getting better?

You do not get your siames twin removed from a young and inexperienced doctor, do you? You want the best, the grand master! The leading expert in that field! Sure, maybe it will be more expensive, but come on. It’s a cutting experience in every siames twins life, I would only take the best I can find. Even if that means traveling to the other side of the world.

But why? Because the chances are higher to survive? Because this guy probably knows what he is doing? I agree, but even he must have learned it somewhere, right? You do not get born a doctor. You become one during your journey in life. Step by step, day by day.

Do I think that I am ready for coaching other people? Actually yes, I do. But do other people think that I am ready for coaching other people? I don’t think so. Sure, my close friends know about my skills. But outside of this elite circle? Well, nobody knows. I do not share my private life with the world. I try to do not show off or stand out of the masses. I do my own thing, following my goals without trying to get the attention of others.

Well, that’s probably my decision to take, but in the end will not really help me in order to get going as a coach in life, right? I mean, sure, some ten years in the future, after having published some three thousand something blog posts, my book I am currently writing and driving around in my Porsche, sure, the chances will be higher that someone might recognize all of this and wants to profit from my experience as a coach. But right now, with having not much achieved yet, I guess people are not ready to invest in a person like me.

We need the certainty that something works, that something will push us forward in life. But without any proof, well, we better do nothing instead of doing something wrong. Recently I was watching a commercial on YouTube where the guy says something like: “Imagine having invested in Facebook or Instagram when they where just start-ups and nobodies out there on the market, you would have made a fortune.” But the thing is, people do not invest in no-name products. On the one hand, they do not even know that these things exist and on the other want to be sure that it will be a success.

My first “Life-Coaching” attempt failed even before it started. I haven’t had a program or any credibility published. I do not have many followers, therefore can not reach out to many people which will increase the chances to find a person that is willing to try it out, even though I am not an expert yet, and the list goes on and on.

Well, whatever. That was only my first attempt. Thomas A. Edison needed how many attempts? I guess I can still beat him! For the next time, I just need to work on the things I am missing out on. For example the experience.

Therefore, if you are currently struggling with something in life. You do not know what to do or you can not find a solution to your problem/s. Just let me know. Reach out to me and write me a little message/ comment or whatever you want. And I will try to help you in order to make your life a little bit better and my experience in the world of coaching to get on the next level.

Failing is a good thing? Yes, I agree! Without failing there wouldn’t be this internal drive to get better, to make things differently. To get back on our feet again and try it another time.

#Thomas A. Edison style

You have seen other things that failed on my blog? You don’t like something in particular? Let me know! I try to find every single mistake I did so far in this project.

Thanks in advance!

See you next time!

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