#419 Entrepreneurship & Business – S2 E8 – Concept “Grundeinkommen” (basic income)

The ideology might be old, but the topic absolutely up to date. The COVID19 is hitting the job market merciless, rents are getting higher, products more expensive. Sure, not a big deal for the “middle class” people and higher, the ones that earn at least enough money to pay off their bills without any problems and additionally might have even a penny here and there for a new TV, a new Car or the annual summer holiday somewhere on the other side of the world.

But what about the people that do not earn that much money? What about the people that have started off their lives financially in trouble. Do these people have the same chances? The same opportunities in our society than all the others growing up with a golden spoon in their mouth, so to speak?

How would your life change if you get some additional money every month?

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A question, that experts struggle to answer for ages already. Will it help the people to get going, creating opportunities and chances in their financial lives? Or will the effect be the exact opposite? People will do less? Quitting their jobs, working only part time? Will people spend the money on consumer goods? Or safe the money for their retirement or for their kids?

If you are living in Germany these days, well, you can apply for a long-term study and maybe get in fact 1200 euros a month for three years, good luck with that in case you are actually applying.

But for the moment, I simply want you to think about this. Imagine you would earn some additional 1200 euros a month. Not through spending one to one working hours of course, but passively. In such a way, that the effort for earning would not be even close to how much you get. Would you change something in your life?

What would you change? The car you drive? The apartment you are living in? The next holiday destination? Or would you use the money for something good? Starting a company, supporting other people, saving it up for the future?

But this is Entrepreneurship and Business on dreamactsucceed.blog and not hope for the best on a different blog, right? The question is: Can we earn 1200 euros a month passively as well? Can we build up a side business that will pay off at least 1200 euros a month? Selling a product, offering a “life coaching program” (hopefully a more successful one that I have come up with so far 🙈) or something like a YouTube channel, an online blog or a book?

Sounds like a good challenge. I mean sure, 1200 euros seems like a lot, but divided with 30 days of a month, that’s just 40 euros a day. And sure, we can also start a little bit smaller. What about 600 euros a month? Would be cool as well.

But how do we do that? I guess, that’s the moment when 99% of the people out there are stopping to continue this project already.

“What? You can’t tell me what I need to do? What? I need to be creative and figure this out on my own? No, thanks!”

Because now comes the hard part. The actually process of trying to get there. To work on this goal every single day in order to reach it one day or another. To risk something, to step out of our comfort zone. To jump into the cold water and see where this is leading us towards.

In life, everything seems to be possible. The easy way to making money? I wouldn’t be here if I would have the answer to this already, don’t you think? I would have better things to do. Driving my Porsche, visiting friends, or doing whatever I want. Why? Because that is what people do, right? They want things in life that make life better, that solves a particular problem or two.

Help people to make their life better and you shall be rewarded. Well, and after that, you do not actually need to hope for the lottery win or that the “Grundeinkommen” survey will choose you as one of the lucky people out there because in fact, you managed to earn your own “Basic income” for the rest of your life.

See you next time!

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