#432 20 minutes writing challenge #36 – What’s your favorite song? “I like listening to the radio!”

A writing challenge! Something I haven’t done in a while! Well, lets go! Set the timer to 20 minutes and go. 3, 2, 1, start!

Which song? Oh, I have listened to a good one some couple of days ago! But what was the title of it? I guess Spotify knows the answer! Oh, yeah! Here it is! “Lone digger!” A mixture of a 1930’s swing inspired by modern electric music? A good combination, don’t you think?

Well, I guess in the world of music I am not really at home. I do not particularly enjoy music as a single source of experience. It’s rather something that runs in the background when doing sport, driving on my racing simulator or doing stuff like this. I guess that’s the reason why I might know a couple of songs here and there, sure, but never the actual title, interpret or any kind of fancy background information. It’s just not that important for me. I rather identify the Porsche on the other side of the street instead of the songs that the radio is playing all day long.

But I guess music as a whole is just not really my world and actually never was. I was playing keyboard for quite a long time, some 10 years to be precise. But without the motivation, or even the passion to really dig deep and get going with this. I guess it was just a very small and tiny side project. Something that was doomed to “fail” it’s mission on the long run. Sure, I can play decently, maybe even a bit better than that. But not particularly good, and of course haven’t done it in a while. I just did it back in the days, not because I really wanted to, but because I was used to do it. Well, I guess time will tell if I might forget about my keyboard skills one day, or in fact do the complete opposite and go back to it again, trying to get on another level. But this seems to be very unlikely! Music has just not this important place in my life. But sure, you never know! Right? In life, we never know! We can never be certain! Never say never! And sure, nobody said that we all need to like or even enjoy music. You can also hate it of course! In fact, please! Go ahead! Hate it, or ignore it! But I guess, there will always be music around us anyways. In the car, in hotel lobbies, or even on the phone. And honestly! Everyone of us enjoys music here and there. We all start to move to the beat sometimes when hearing this new and awesome song! Sure, after hearing it ten times the magic is gone, but at least it was cool the first couple of times! Well, whatever. Back in the old days, my answer to the favorite song question was always the same:

What is your favorite song?
“Well, I like listening to the radio!”

Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com

At some point in my life I listened to a lot of classic music. Verdi was the best one of them, definitely! But only classical music? No of course not! I needed something else as well! Therefore I widened up my portfolio, adding some modern rap music here and some classic rock there. And sure, don’t forget about the mainstream stuff!

It seems like I enjoy everything and nothing. In the one situation this, in the other something else. It always depends on my mood and the activity I am currently doing. Driving in my car, doing some sport or trying to calm down? For each of these situations I might pick a different music genre. But anyways, I just never know exactly what I am listing to. I pick a playlist and here we go! Three, two, one, pick the next random song please, thanks!

Will this behavior change? Well, never say never! Sure, maybe! In some couple of years when I am getting older and settling down? Or having a friend who is really into the stuff? I guess we will see! I survived the last 25 years pretty much without a passion for music, I may survive the next 25 years as well! And well, maybe I want to get some nerdy background information about a song here and there, you never know! But for right now, I will most likely not become a real music expert anytime soon! I just don’t see the point in it and experience of a lack of motivation and time for investing some of my valuable time into this.

Becoming a music expert? This seems to be highly unlikely! It’s just not that important for me these days and I am not quite sure why this should change in the future!

What? The time is already gone? God, that was a poor time management today! I guess my 20 minutes writing challenge skills got a bit rusty. Well, it will not be my last one! At least I hope so. See you next time as I always say and that’s it? Only 10 seconds left. Come on! You need to make a decision! OK! Go for it!

See you next time!

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