#433 Entrepreneurship & Business – S2 E9 – Back in the world of BEING AN employee AGAIN

With the announcement of my exam results from my last semester at University on Tuesday, this has indeed become my last semester “at” University. Sure, I still need to be signed in, in order to get my master thesis grated once it’s done. But at least I do not need to attend lectures and stuff anymore, or even worse writing exams. God, I hated exams so much! I cannot even describe in words how it feels to have overcome this dreadful part of life. Sure, for some, this might not be a big deal after all, but for me, this was without any doubt a very high stress situation.


But sure, as so often in life, the moment the current chapter ends another one will instantly begin. And indeed, the new chapter has already begun! Finally I am back in the world of being an employee again! And what does that mean, sure, some money is coming in at the end of the month. That’s by the way the reason for the huge dollar bill thumbnail that might got your attention this morning.

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For the next six month I will write my master thesis at an awesome company nearby. Which, indeed, is awesome as I figured out this week already! Earning a bit money here and there is something good, I guess everybody would agree with that, but money is of course not everything. More importantly seems to be the fact, that now, I am finally back in the world of the real projects. God, I missed it! I guess, I would have never expected such words to come out of my mouth 6 or 7 years ago, but honestly, being back at a company is just awesome! So many new things to learn! So many different approaches towards problems and organizational topics. It’s just great! And sure, after endless “fantasy” projects at University, it is finally time to have a real one again! Hopefully the outcome will be a little bit better then last time, but we will see I guess.

Having spend three days at work already, I really seem to enjoy the complete process of doing it. From getting up early in the morning which I love, around 5:30 am these days and “driving” to work, until I leave somewhere around 3 pm in the afternoon sun in order to focus on my other projects in life afterwards. It feels just good to have an additional task in life again! Something I can invest in all my thoughts and come out in the end more experienced and hopefully “wiser“.


Considering the fact that I was technically “unemployed” or lets rather go with “my own boss” for the last 11 month while studying at University full time, this blog project here and the two master semesters have really helped me in order to move on in life. I have a totally new perspective on so many things. Sure, I knew stuff before as well, but these days, it seems to be much clearer. I understand the business processes in a much better way. I see the big picture, so to speak! I understand the boundaries and the constraints between different departments and teams and really have the feeling that I am getting closer to the ultimate understanding of how everything is getting done in this world we are all living in.

Is it just the fact that I am getting older? Or a combination of both? Getting older but also investing every single second of my life into something useful? Sure, I have really high goals in life and therefore might need to learn all of that the hard way, but in the end, everything seems to be connected somehow. Like a universal pattern that has been spread all over the place. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about this blog project, my racing project or being at work. Sure, it sounds differently at the first glimpse, but after really diving deep into the topics, well, they are getting only more similar from that point onwards.

If you are asking the right questions, you will always get the right answers!

Sure, I have a better understanding for how things are supposed to be done in this world today and what kind of questions I need to ask in order to get the answers I need! But diving deep down into foreign territory is something that everybody can do. Going back to the basics is always a good idea! Why? Because that is exactly the place where most of the mistakes are getting planted already.

Having changed my mindset in such a dramatical way over the past couple of years, I look at companies these days in a much different way. For me, I do not longer have only the “employee” oriented perspective in mind when doing my stuff. But, for the first time ever, have an “owner” oriented kind of perspective as well. Due to my little daily blog project I do, I got a glimpse of the other side of the equation already.

For this lesson in life alone, I can only highly recommend you to start your own projects in life as well! Because you will see, once you have your own thing, your own little baby, that you will look at this world differently. You ask yourself different questions, want to dive deeper into the topics in order to really understand them and in the end expect the outcome you want. I simply look at things differently these days and experience, at least on a personal level, a deeper understanding for how stuff is really getting done at companies.

Having the idea of lots of small side project in the back of my head already, this seems to open up a completely new perspective on this world we are living in. For the first time ever, I really feel the entrepreneurial spirit inside growing faster and faster day by day. I want to move on! To become better at what I do. Get today a little bit better than I was yesterday! And finally reach my next goals in life.

In the past, I was simply put too small minded and naive. I wasn’t widening up my perspective and trying to look at the big picture from a far distance. Sure, someone could argue that this wasn’t really my task to do, but honestly!

That’s just a silly excuse! I was simply put not ready for more.

Sure, don’t get me wrong on this! I do not want to say that I am illuminated now. In fact, I am not even close to knowing anything. But I simply figured out that “I know nothing“, like Socrates is claimed to have said and that I need to improve every single day until eventually I will be able to get going in life and reach my goals!

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


Is it good to be back in the world of being an employe? Hell yes, it is! Why? Because that is where you learn! Where you can get the experience! If you want to learn how to swim, where do you go? To the pool or the library? Sure, the library will teach you a lesson upon the perfect breast stroke. But honestly, you do not even need that at the beginning! You simply want to survive! Therefore you should go where? Right! To your local community pool and literally jump into the cold water! Your technique might not be the best at the beginning, but that doesn’t matter! As long as you do not drown, everything will be fine! Step by step! Day by day! That is where you learn how to swim. Well, why should it be different in other fields of life. The more experience you can gather, the more experienced you will become!

University was great, sure. But life is a far better teacher!

The world out there might be much more complicated that we tend to think. But nevertheless, it feels so good to be back in the real world!

Last thoughts? I cannot even express how thankful I am for this chance this company is giving me in such a “time”! I mean, come on! It’s corona times! A lot of companies seem to struggle! I do not take it for granted that companies can afford the luxury for having students these days. But sure, I can say thank you through my work. I can try my best and give this company something back!

Step by step! Day by day! That’s the spirit we need! That’s the way to go! Can you imagine just jumping one year back in time? Compared to last year, I might have improved a thousand times! Well, I can’t wait until next year at this very same time when I might have quadrupled my skills!

Stay curious, open minded and always ask questions if you do not understand something!

See you next time!

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