#455 Project W (Double you) – S3 E9 – How to turn weaknesses into strength

As promised yesterday already, today we will focus exclusively on the actual process of turning weaknesses into strength. But sure, just in case you missed yesterdays awesome blog post! Here is a short quote that will show you what you have missed:

It is never too late to master your weaknesses.

Jane Fonda

I guess we should better do not loose any more time, then! Let’s go! Can you define the terminology “weakness” for me, please? Ah, don’t worry! I bet google can do it much faster!

What google says

You see, I was right! It’s actually one of the strength of google to find things! Well, but what are Googles weaknesses? Come on! Everything and everyone must have them! You just need to dig deep enough! But an interesting question anyways! I guess, if you want to figure out the answer, well just google the weaknesses of google, right? But lets go back to todays topic!

The answer to our question: “Weakness is the state or condition of being weak?” Honestly!? What the hell!? What is this supposed to be? Let me guess! A bus driver is a person that drives a bus? A spaceship is a ship with lots of space? A pi(e)lot is a person that eats a lot of pie’s?

But on a more serious note, sure, weaknesses are making us feel weak! Weak, miserable and small! In fact, we might struggle with something on such a high level, that we might get also afraid about it! Summary: There is this special field, whatever it might be, where we are apparently just do not seem to be made for. You might have heavy bones, skills in another domain, or something in your genes that prevents you clearly from succeeding!

But this can’t be it, right? Take a deep breath! Calm down! Relax! Simply start to look for a workaround solution! You can turn your weaknesses into strength, sure! But you can also use a life hack and prevent yourself from suffering or even worse things than this!

Your weakness is, that the moment you see a puppy, you urgently want to have it? Well, then don’t see a puppy!

And trust me, there is always a workaround solution! The only question that is still left? Is this really an alternative route towards turning weaknesses into strength? It might work with some small issues in your life, let’s take the chocolate you can’t stop to eat! Sure, you can try your best, go see a psychiatrist and look for a way how to overcome this weakness. But you can also just not buy anything of it. Without having chocolate in the house, I guess, you will have a hard time finding something to eat!

But isn’t positivity also still a thing? An option? Something everyone should have in his or her personal portfolio? You might just think about your weakness and hope for the best? You step onto the titanic in 1912 in Southhampton without being able to swim and say! “Hey! It will not crash into an iceberg! I repeat! It will not crash into an iceberg!” And it might not crash! Then, and only then your weakness is not a big deal! Nobody will notice! But sure, be aware! The moment it indeed crashes, well, you are fuxxxx!

Honestly, a positive mindset can reach many goals and heal many wounds, but never all the weaknesses someone might have in his or her own life!

The mindset is still a very important element of the game, don’t get me wrong on this! But it is definitely not everything there is! You may also need something else!

Most of the time we have our own weaknesses in those particular fields, where we lack the motivation for doing it anyways. You do not like to talk, you don’t talk, you have a weakness in talking. You do not like math, you do not do math, you have a weakness in math. You do not like to read, you do not read, you have a weakness in reading. Should I go on? I guess you already got the message!

Assuming that this chain of events would be in fact the exact truths, well, the answer might be so simple! Having a weakness in something would just be a lack of experience and practice. Someone could turn each and every weakness into a strength, just like that! With a blink of an eye!

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

Vince Lombardi

Ah, now I got it! I can practice as long and as hard as I want to! But if I only practice the stuff that I already know, well, sure! I will become even better in this, but definitely not better in the stuff I just can’t do! As easy as that!

In order to get better, maybe even perfect, I guess the message is clear now! We need to tick all the boxes there are, not just the ones that looks like a lot of fun!

But practice alone can not be the solution!? That would be way too easy! Come on! There must be more! This can’t be it!

You are wondering why this sounds so spiritless? So destructive? You are asking yourself what kind of an attitude this might be towards life? Well, the answer is quite simple! I needed to mention the word attitude for the next quote, right?

Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.

Albert Einstein

You tell yourself that you can’t! You do not do anything to get better! You suck at this! You understand that you suck at this! BOOOM! You accept that you suck at this! It becomes a part of your life! And now you are the one that sucks in this particular field.

But well, that’s just how it is! Right? No! Of course not! But it is at least the easiest way! It’s way better than looking yourself right in the eyes and understanding that you are the one that decided to have this weakness and not the other way around!

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.

Will Durant

Now it makes just so much more sense, right? We are what we repeatedly do! Sure, whatever you do all day long, you become exactly that! And the more you do, the more you will position yourself in that direction! So indeed, excellence might be a habit!

The message is simple: Take control of your life.

Charles Barkley

Or in a slightly different way!


Turning weakness into strength! Of course not the easiest of tasks in life, but definitely one that is possible to do! Just ask yourself where these weaknesses are coming from, figuring out why you might have them and defining a strategy how to overcome them and in fact, turn them into strengths!

6 years ago English was one of my biggest weaknesses! I was sitting in class, afraid the teacher would ask me a question! I just sucked at this the hard time! Sure, teachers, other pupils, family and relatives always told me, that I am just not a language type of a person and well, what did I do? Right! I believed them and did nothing! This can hardly be my own fault! And so, I accepted my faith! Well, fast-forward to today. I write a daily blog in English for the last 454 days, I write a book in English and my level is close to being a native English speaker. I dream in English, I think in English, I do not even notice if something I listen to is in fact in English or German.

What I want to say with that? I have turned one of my biggest weaknesses into a strength! And this strength opens up new doors of opportunity for me! Whatever weaknesses you have in your life, understand, that you have chosen to have them! Your inaction, your doubting, your hesitation lead you there!

Having weaknesses is not your faith, it is your choice!

Photo by Ashutosh Sonwani on Pexels.com

It’s now or never! Change your life!

See you next time!

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